New Broadway (MCB)

Class 8 • Literature

Other Books

The Brook - Lord Alfred Tennyson

2 hrs 22 mins
11 lessons

Discover the beauty and majesty of nature in Lord Alfred Tennyson's poem "The Brook." Follow its winding journey through hills and valleys, and see the world through its sparkling waters.

Pepper the Phantom Cat

1 hr 55 mins
7 lessons

Experience the hilarity in "Pepper, the Phantom Pet", a play exploring classroom chaos, wild imaginations, and the consequences of fanciful tales.

Is Science Useful? - Isaac Asimov

1 hr 2 mins
7 lessons

Explore the role and importance of science, its unforeseeable impacts, and real-world examples from Plato to Einstein in this insightful essay.

The Day of an American Journalist in 2889 - Jules Verne

1 hr 55 mins
9 lessons

Explore a futuristic world in 2889 through the eyes of Journalist Francis Bennett. Experience technological advances in communication, travel, and more.

Archimedes’ Principle

52 mins
6 lessons

"Experience the joy of discovery with Archimedes in this engaging poem, illustrating the scientific breakthrough that thrust him into fame."

From Darkness to Light - Sonali Kumar

1 hr 4 mins
6 lessons

"Explore the transformative power of literacy through Kong Cecilla Marbaniang's journey from dependency to self-sufficiency and confidence."

A Nation's Strength - Ralph Waldo Emerson

2 hrs 20 mins
12 lessons

Discover the timeless poem 'A Nation's Strength' by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Class 8, New Broadway and be inspired by its powerful message of resilience, unity, and courage. Get summaries, themes, plots, poetic devices, notes, quizzes and much more on 'A Nation's Strength' & feel the strength of your own spirit rise!

Tangerine the Wasp - Hung Lofting

49 mins
6 lessons

"Explore the adventures of Tangerine, the wasp in Dr. Doolittle's tale. Witness the clever ways Tangerine saved their nest from a battlefield!"

Kalinga: The Turning Point

1 hr 4 mins
7 lessons

Explore Ashoka's transformative journey from a ruthless conqueror to a peace-promoting ruler, following the harrowing battle of Kalinga.

A Prayer for Healing

57 mins
8 lessons

"Join a heartfelt prayer for healing: promoting eco-consciousness, unity, justice, and peace, celebrating life's diversity, and renewing the Earth."

The Mahatma’s Marksheets

1 hr 7 mins
7 lessons

"Explore Mahatma Gandhi's academic journey as a student with ups and downs, detailed from his autobiographical account and school records."


48 mins
7 lessons

Experience numbers in a whimsical new way through this engaging poem about arithmetic. An amusing spin on learning and the joys of getting it right.

The World at Our Fingertips

1 hr 6 mins
6 lessons

Explore the remarkable power of touch and how our skin acts as a sensitive sensor, allowing us to discern textures, temperatures, and shapes.

Without Glasses

1 hr 37 mins
6 lessons

Explore the hilarious trials of life with long-sightedness and the joy of restored vision in this engaging, humour-laden narrative.

Nature's Way - William Wordsworth

1 hr 2 mins
7 lessons

Experience the joy of spring in this evocative poem, as it guides you through nature's beauty, engaging all your senses. Perfect read for nature lovers.

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