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English Chatterbox is integrating AI, conversation and curriculum into one power-packed platform to help you be more than a just high scorer.
Here's who we are and what we do.

Education is on the cusp; we're moving it along.

We believe that educational technology is overdue for a refresh, a revamp so revolutionary, it's going to make the old way as redundant as a telegram. At Engol Edutech Private Limited, we are on a mission to effect this revolution by bringing back the spotlight on where it should have been always: you, the student. English Chatterbox is our attempt at doing exactly that, by bringing together a team of impassioned educators and cutting edge AI under one roof, or rather, one domain.

Up until now, you have had to choose between studying for your exams and learning how to speak English, which we believe is not a dilemma anyone should have to face, for both are equally crucial. In today's ultra-competitive world, you can't falter in either arena, not on account of a lack of resources. And, this is where we step in.

"By providing super-amazing, super-affordable courses, infused with the power of AI, we're blatantly flouting the incumbents' unwritten rules.
Do us a favour? Spread the word: a revolution is coming."
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From Classroom

At English Chatterbox, we're helping students from all over the globe by curating a platform that doesn't just help students with NCERT-recommended curricula. We've created courses that help students study, understand, and ace every grammar book, writing skill, reading comprehension and, especially, every literature book we can get our hands on. That means books from both giant publishing houses and homegrown publishers. We've added hundreds of literature books to our platform, and we keep adding more every week.

No matter how thorough a course, you'll always have questions that we won't have answered in our materials, and we don't believe that you should wait around for an answer on a forum that you can't trust or spend thousands getting your doubts solved by an expert; which is why, we've provided you with access to Chatterbot AI, a super-smart, super-fast AI tutor that's faster, better, cheaper than anything you've ever used to solve your doubts. You'll see Chatterbot AI pop up in places where you didn't know you needed it, like explaining why you got a question in a quiz incorrect or helping you understand the answer to a particularly hard question.

English Chatterbox is on a mission to help students excel in English; both the subject and the language.
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To Conversation

Every successful journey begins with one small step. In this case, it begins with us - the platform that has been intricately designed to make you study faster, score higher, but also to evolve you into a well-rounded learner. We do not believe only in grades, we believe in conversations, in voices, in meaningful dialogue. We open the door from traditional classroom learning to spontaneous conversation and engaging discourse.

Our learning pathway is woven with three components - dynamic video lessons, interactive speaking exercises, and conversational AI. These components, connected harmoniously, become the maps of a journey that'll help you navigate through the waters of subject comprehension not only within the four walls of a classroom, but beyond.

That's our story. What's yours?

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