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Yes, you would definitely get videos of writing skills. even if you have a novel coming in your exams the videos of that will also be available. we have even tried to provide you the videos for unseen passages and note making in case you are in 12th class. so you can clear your doubts with regard to that as well.
At the moment we have two packages available one is for the videos where you can get all the videos of your syllabus and the other one is of videos and notes so you can get all the question answers as well as formats along with.
All videos are explained in Hindi so that you can clear all your doubts and stories can etch in your mind.
After buying the package, you get all the videos that are in relation to your class.
Chapter on request means that if you are in the junior class and you have a syllabus which is different from NCERT you can give us a picture of your index as well as the chapter that you want us to work upon our team will definitely make sure that your video is available to you on your platform.
Yes, we would be more than happy to clear your doubts in case you have a doubt you can definitely email us at
Your benefit is that you will be able to hear all your chapters at your own ease and at your own pace. It will benefit you as the flexibility of the time will make it convenient for you to set up a schedule for your other subjects so that you do not lose out on any single subject.


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