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We're so glad you asked. English Chatterbox is designed and built to be everything you'd ever need to be great at English, whether that be acing your exams or being a fluent speaker. To achieve this, we've created courses for students from classes 1st to 12th. In each course, there are four categories: Literature, Reading, Writing, and Grammar. We understand that every student studies literature from a different book, which is why, at English Chatterbox, it is completely up to you to choose your literature book. New Images Next? Go for it. Mulberry? Sure!

Once you've signed up and chosen your book, we package everything from classroom to conversation into one dashboard for you. Here you can study for your exams, learn to how to speak English, build your conversation skills, your vocabulary, and so much more. To access all the course materials, you'll need a paid subscription.

You can sign up here, where you can use your email to create an account or you can even sign up with your Google account. Please note that you will need a unique email address to create an account, which means that if you have already created one in the past, you should sign in here.

We get it. Passwords are hard. Which is why if you ever forget yours, you can request a password reset link by clicking here.

If you made a mistake in typing your email while creating your account, you won't receive an email verification mail and you won't be able to access your dashboard. In this case, you should contact us and we'll sort this out for you.

Mobile App

Our mobile app is available on both the Play Store and App Store.

  • To download it from the Play Store, click here.
  • To download it from the App Store, click here.

Absolutely! Our website and mobile app are always in perfect synchronisation, so you can start watching a video on our website and continue on the app, and vice-versa.

Oh, definitely. When your phone runs out of juice, continue learning on our website.

PS: There are some features that are available exclusively on the app, but not on our website. For example, you can't access our English conversation lessons on the website.

No, absolutely not. We've built English Chatterbox to be accessible, affordable and awesome. So, English Chatterbox will continue to be available on the web, on your phone, and hopefully, in your ❤️.

  1. The first step is definitely downloading the app. Done? Move to step 2.
  2. Sign in. You can use the same credentials you used to create your account on the website. If you don't have an account, just create one directly from the app.
  3. That's it! Click on "Course" to get started.

You can install the app on only one device, so choose wisely.

Billing & Subscription

While it depends on the course, the majority of them have two plans: a monthly subscription and a one-time plan.

  • A monthly subscription starts on the day of your purchase, and renews every month on that day. For example, if your started your subscription on 12th October, the subscription will be renewed on 12th November. You can cancel this subscription any time.
  • A one-time plan gives you access to the same course materials as the monthly subscription but you only need to pay for it once. The validity of the course lapses at the end of the academic year.

It depends.

  • If you subscribed via our website, you can cancel the subscription by going to the "Billing" section within your dashboard.
  • If you subscribed via our mobile app

 A one-time plan gives you access to all the course materials but you only need to pay for it once. If you opt for a one-time plan, you retain access to the course materials until the end of the academic year. For example, if you are currently in the 2021-22 academic year and opt for a one-time plan, you will be able to access the course till 31st March, 2022.

Yes! First off, welcome back. Second, hop back in to your dashboard. Then, click on the big, purple "Subscribe" button at the top of the page. Voilà!


A course is essentially a neat bundle of your course materials. That means, a course is a collection of all videos, notes, summaries, themes, poetic devices, plots, quizzes, flashcards, character sketches, conversation lessons. A course gives you unfettered access to everything you'd need to excel in your chosen class's curriculum.

Yes, it's more than enough. With English Chatterbox, you're going to be at such an elite level that exams are going to be a cakewalk.

Honestly, a course is enough to help you ace your exams and become a fluent speaker.

Please do. That's our entire premise: we are building a platform where students from across the globe, irrespective of their curricula, can excel at English, and to do that, we've added hundreds of our books across our platform. 

If you can't find your book, please tell us here, and we'll email you as soon as we add it to the platform.


Tell us. Please. 

While we do our best to stay in sync with the latest editions, there are times when the publishers decide to spring one on us. In which case, please tell us what's missing, and we'll add it within a day. Promise.

Publishers will often swap out chapters in newer editions without informing us, so it is possible that the chapter you see is not the one given in your book. In this case, you should contact us via your dedicated support channel by clicking here.

Please contact us! 

  • If you are a premium user, you can contact our customer happiness executive via your dedicated support channel here.
  • If you aren't, please let us know by filling out the form here and we'll get back to you within 4 working hours.


Nope, we provide courses for NCERT books and every other book we can get our hands on. Check out our courses by clicking here, and be prepared to have your mind blown.

  • If you've chosen the one-time plan, two. If you have purchased a one-time plan and cannot view the second book, please let us know by clicking here and we'll fix the issue right away.
  • If you've chosen the monthly plan, one. If you wish to add another book to your account, please let us know by clicking here.