The Magic Carpet

Class 8 • Literature

Other Books

The Automatic Nagging Machine - Edith Nesbit

3 hrs 39 mins
11 lessons

In this whimsical chapter from "The Cockatoucan" by Edith Nesbit, Matilda's nursemaid transforms into an automatic nagging machine in a strange kingdom.

A real Hero - Amaan Banerjee

2 hrs 24 mins
10 lessons

"Explore Vishwaroop Nayar's inspiring cricket journey, as he values honesty over victory, sparking a debate on sportsmanship vs. winning."

Professor Shonku's Diary - Satyajit Ray

2 hrs 12 mins
10 lessons

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Professor Shonku as he uncovers mysterious secrets in his diary. Join the quest now! #ProfessorShonku #Adventure

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening - Robert Frost

57 mins
11 lessons

"Discover the beauty and contemplative nature of Robert Frost's classic poem 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening'. Read the timeless masterpiece now."

Mrs Packletide's Tiger - H H Munro

3 hrs 4 mins
11 lessons

Explore Saki's satirical short story "Mrs. Packletide's Tiger," where jealousy drives a hunt for a tiger and unveils human greed and deception. The Magic Carpet, Class 8

Within and Without - Rabindranath Tagore

2 hrs 20 mins
7 lessons

Discover the beauty of introspection in Rabindranath Tagore's chapter 'Within and Without'. Dive deep into the intricate world of self-reflection.

William Goes to the Pictures - Richmal Crompton

2 hrs 38 mins
11 lessons

Embark on a whimsical adventure in 'William Goes to the Pictures,' a charming tale by Richmal Crompton Lamburn. Experience childhood delight & mischief.

Kipling Country - Prerna Singh Bindra

2 hrs 2 mins
6 lessons

Explore 'Kipling Country,' a vivid journey through the inspirational landscapes that moulded Prerna Singh Bindra's iconic works. Dive into literature's roots.

Mowgli Returns to the World of Men - Rudyard Kipling

2 hrs 12 mins
7 lessons

Explore 'Mowgli Returns to the World of Men,' Kipling's riveting tale of a feral child's reintroduction to civilization. Experience raw, vibrant storytelling.

Saturday, 20 June 1942 - Anne Frank

2 hrs 2 mins
7 lessons

Discover the poignant events of Saturday, 20 June 1942 as Anne Frank's powerful narrative unfolds. Join her journey in this unforgettable chapter.

The Charge of the light Brigade - Alfred Lord Tennyson

1 hr 12 mins
10 lessons

"Charge of the Light Brigade" by Lord Alfred Tennyson is a famous poem about the Battle of Balaclava. Explore the courage and tragedy of the British cavalry charge.

Baba Budan's Magic Beans - Lathika George

3 hrs 22 mins
11 lessons

Discover the fascinating history of coffee in India's Coorg district and the sustainable farming practices of the Kodavas. From magic beans to vibrant traditions, explore Baba Budan's legacy.

The Adventure of the Empty House - Aurthur Conan Doyle

46 mins
8 lessons

Discover the thrilling play adaptation of Sherlock Holmes' return in "The Adventure of the Empty House." Solve the murder of Ronald Adair and witness Holmes' cunning.

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