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Class 6 • Literature

Other Books

The Story of Henry Jekyll - R L Stevenson

2 hrs 54 mins
13 lessons

"Explore Dr. Jekyll's struggle with dual identities in this gripping chapter, as he transforms into the sinister Mr. Hyde. Dive into the realms of good and evil."

You are old, Father Williams - Lewis Carroll

2 hrs 11 mins
13 lessons

Father William, Starbust, Class 7, "Father William" by Lewis Carroll is a humorous and witty poem about an old man's vitality and wisdom. Enjoy playful wordplay and fantastical imagery.

The Haircut - George Eliot

3 hrs 53 mins
12 lessons

In "The Mill on the Floss," Maggie impetuously cuts her hair, leading to family turmoil & self-realization. Experience Eliot's timeless portrayal of rural life.

Daffodils - William Wordsworth

3 hrs 11 mins
15 lessons

Daffodils, Class 7, The Magic Carpet, "Experience the beauty of nature through Wordsworth's iconic poem, Daffodils. Explore the joys of wandering lonely as a cloud in this literary masterpiece."

The Chocolate Cream Soldier - George Bernard Shaw

2 hrs 31 mins
13 lessons

The Chocolate Cream Soldier, Class 6, Discover the witty and thought-provoking world of G.B. Shaw's "The Chocolate Cream Soldier." Follow the adventures of unlikely heroes in this comedic play.

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