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In Father's Presence - R K Narayan

2 hrs 1 mins
11 lessons

Experience the heartwarming tale of a son's journey to reconnect with his father. In Father's Presence by R.K. Narayan is a must-read for all book lovers.

I Opened a Book - Julia Donaldson

1 hr 53 mins
11 lessons

Discover the joy of reading with "I Opened a Book" by Julia Donaldson. Join the adventure and get lost in the magic of stories. Perfect for kids and adults alike!

Go girl, go

2 hrs 35 mins
11 lessons

"Explore the inspiring journeys of Indian sportswomen Hima Das, Swapna Barman, & Vinesh Phogat. Overcome obstacles & discover strength in athletics, wrestling & heptathlon."

The Fighter - Ramendra Kumar

3 hrs 11 mins
12 lessons

"Discover the thrilling journey of Rahul, a true fighter, as he faces conflicts, overcomes challenges, and makes a game-changing catch in the final match. A tale of resilience, teamwork, and personal growth. #cricket #teamwork #determination"

Elephant Vs Insects - Allen Ahlberg

2 hrs 3 mins
14 lessons

"Read 'Elephants Vs. Insects' by Allan Ahlberg, a delightful and humorous children's poem about a jungle match with unexpected twists. Enjoy the playful rhymes and captivating storytelling. Perfect for young readers. #ChildrensPoetry #AllanAhlberg"

Returning Home - Vandana Singh

2 hrs 34 mins
12 lessons

Join Younguncle on a humorous and adventurous trip to his ancestral village, meeting quirky relatives and embarking on intriguing missions.

Anne with 'E' - Lucy Maud Montgomery

1 hr 49 mins
10 lessons

In this classic excerpt from Anne of Green Gables, discover how Anne Shirley, a spirited orphan girl, arrives at the Cuthbert's farm, captivating their hearts.

Cooking Dinner - Captain Frederick Marryat

1 hr 58 mins
11 lessons

Cooking Dinner, is an extract from The Children of the New Forest by Captain Frederick Marryat. Jacob Armitage, a kind-hearted forester rescues the children of Colonel Beverley from the English Civil War and brings them up as his grandchildren. The children adapt to a new life in the forest.

Celebrity Chef - Sanjeev Kapoor

2 hrs 11 mins
10 lessons

Sanjeev Kapoor is one of the most popular faces on Indian television. He is the only chef in the world to have his own channel. His recipe books are bestsellers and have bagged Indian and international awards. His restaurants are considered the best not only in India but abroad as well. He also runs a business of world–class kitchen gadgets to empower people, a cause close to his heart.

Food For Thought! - Roann Mendriq

2 hrs 26 mins
10 lessons

What do you think of when you sit at your school desk, especially when you are hungry? In this poem, the girl is distracted by aromas and thoughts of delicious dishes.

From a stem to stylus

2 hrs 16 mins
9 lessons

Explore how writing evolved from clay tablets to electronic gadgets and how emerging technologies continue to transform human communication.

I made a new password - Kenn Nesbitt

1 hr 40 mins
11 lessons

Discover Kenn Nesbitt's humorous poem about a boy creating the ultimate secure password, only to get locked out. A relatable tale for any age.

The leopard - Ruskin Bond

3 hrs 49 mins
13 lessons

"Experience the deep bond between man and nature in Ruskin Bond's gripping tale of an unexpected friendship with a leopard in the Himalayan wild."

The Birthday Present - Gerald Durrel

2 hrs 56 mins
12 lessons

Immerse yourself in Gerald Durrell's Corfu adventure with a surprise birthday gift of a donkey named Sally, as he learns to ride & care for her.

Birds of Paradise - Christina Rossetti

1 hr 50 mins
11 lessons

Discover Christina Rossetti's "Birds of Paradise," a captivating poem depicting the ethereal beauty of these rare birds with vivid imagery & rich emotion.

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