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Class 8 • Literature

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The Happy Prince - Oscar Wilde

4 hrs 9 mins
13 lessons

The Happy Prince, Class 8, Mulberry, Discover Oscar Wilde's timeless wit & social commentary in this chapter analysis as we explore themes, characters & the author's enduring legacy.

Michelangelo - Gulzar

4 hrs 1 mins
12 lessons

Explore Michelangelo's creative process in this gripping narrative. Discover his struggles to paint 'The Last Supper,' particularly his historic search for the face of Judas.

Fire Buckets - Anjali Deshpande

3 hrs 27 mins
11 lessons

Discover the anticipation and preparations for the arrival of Edward Heinlein in the small town of Dibaru, as the hospital's fire buckets become a surprising focal point. A tale of adaptability and mistaken intentions.

The Hero - Rabindranath Tagore

2 hrs 14 mins
13 lessons

Embark on an imaginative journey through a perilous land with a mother and son. Experience the suspenseful adventure and thrilling fight as they face unexpected dangers.

March - Kushwant Singh

2 hrs 8 mins
9 lessons

Explore the vibrant beauty and unpredictability of March in India - from its ever-changing weather and blooming flora, to the chirping of insects and birds, and the celebration of Holi.

Madam Marie Curie

1 hr 39 mins
9 lessons

Read about Marie Curie's dedicated journey in science, from her struggles in Paris to her groundbreaking discoveries in Radiation. Gain insight into her profound impact on the scientific world.

Aachchi - Lasantha Rodrigo

2 hrs 54 mins
12 lessons

Explore Lasantha Rodrigo's touching tale "Aachchi", about a boy's complex relationship with his grandmother, his inner journey and revelations.

The Dying Detective - Arthur Conan Doyle

3 hrs 12 mins
12 lessons

Sherlock Holmes outsmarts a murderer by faking his own death in Arthur Conan Doyle's thrilling mystery, "The Dying Detective". Experience Sherlock's clever strategies firsthand.

Speech Against Aparthied - Nelson Mandela

1 hr 50 mins
9 lessons

Speech Against Apartheid - A powerful message of hope and equality. Learn about the fight against racism and the pursuit of peace. #Apartheid #NobelPeacePrize

For You O’ Democracy - Walt Whitman

1 hr 54 mins
11 lessons

Experience the power and beauty of Walt Whitman's poetry. Delve into themes of democracy, comradeship, and love in this indissoluble ode to America.

The Last Leaf - O. Henry

3 hrs 16 mins
14 lessons

The last leaf, Class 8, Mulberry, Discover O. Henry's "The Last Leaf," a touching tale of friendship, hope, and sacrifice, as two artists face illness, with a classic twist ending.

The Luncheon - William Somerset Maugham

2 hrs 58 mins
11 lessons

Discover Somerset Maugham's "The Luncheon" - a humorous short story about an unforgettable meal, human nature, and the consequences of extravagance.

Invictus - William Ernest Henley

2 hrs 29 mins
12 lessons

Explore 'Invictus', the powerful poem by William Ernest Henley. Embrace its message of resilience and personal strength. Inspirational words for all.

King Lear - William Shakespeare

4 hrs 35 mins
13 lessons

Explore King Lear's tragic tale of love, deceit and realization as he divides his kingdom between his daughters, only to learn a harsh truth. Adapted from Shakespeare's drama.

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