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Mother to Son - Longston Hughes

1 hr 17 mins
10 lessons

"Explore Langston Hughes' poem, 'Mother to Son,' a powerful tale of overcoming life struggles with courage. Perfect for young readers to learn grit."

Nicobobinus - Terry Jones

3 hrs 10 mins
12 lessons

Join Nicobobinus and his friend Rosie on an extraordinary adventure in Venice. Discover dragons, magic, and the Land of Dragons in this enchanting chapter.

Home, Sweet Home! - Nicholas Horsburgh

3 hrs 22 mins
10 lessons

"Experience a heartwarming tale of family and wisdom in Home, Sweet Home. Journey with Janko as he learns to appreciate his humble abode."

The Old Brown Horse - W.F. Holmes

2 hrs 26 mins
10 lessons

"Experience nostalgia with W.F. Holmes' 'The Old Brown Horse', a poignant poem exploring themes of aging, change, and compassion."

A Polar Explorer

2 hrs 16 mins
9 lessons

"Discover the thrilling life of Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer who conquered both Poles and survived the fierce Arctic expeditions."

The Poem - Amy Lowell

2 hrs 50 mins
11 lessons

"Experience the life cycle of a little twig, from growth to decay, in Amy Lowell's exquisite poem. Discover the power of nurture and environment."

The Great Train Journey - Ruskin Bond

3 hrs 29 mins
11 lessons

Join Suraj's enchanting journey of curiosity & adventure as he sneaks into a train, only to navigate uncertainties and the thrill of the unknown.

The Toy-Box - Nicholas Horsburgh

3 hrs 53 mins
10 lessons

Explore an old mansion's mystery, adventure, and warmth in "The Toy-Box". Follow Tom's journey from fear to acceptance in their new spooky home.

The White Mouse Circus - Roald Dahl

3 hrs 9 mins
11 lessons

"Discover the excitement of training white mice in Roald Dahl's The Witches. Join the adventure of a young boy and his dream of a circus! ??"

Tresspass - John Clare

2 hrs 27 mins
11 lessons

"Explore the beauty, fear, and solace in 'Trespass' by John Clare. A poignant sense of nature, ownership and human connection from a Romantic poet."

Across Three Millennia - Emily Smith

3 hrs 27 mins
10 lessons

"Across time, two individuals make life-changing decisions: Philip with an ancient abacus, Lalda with modern tech. Trust your instinct."

In the Bazaars of Hyderabad - Sarojini Naidu

1 hr 34 mins
11 lessons

In the Bazaars of Hyderabad, Class 7, New Pathways Literature, "In the Bazaars of Hyderabad" by Sarojini Naidu is a colourful and lively poem that captures the essence of the bustling markets of India. Explore the sights and sounds of the marketplace through the poet's vivid imagery.

In a Tunnel - E. Nesbit

2 hrs 53 mins
11 lessons

"E. Nesbit's evocative description of a hair-raising tunnel adventure. Experience suspense and excitement with Phyllis, Bobbie, and Peter."

The Wolf Children 1 - Mike Samuda

2 hrs 7 mins
8 lessons

"Venture into an eerie 1920s jungle, as Reverend Singh dispels demon rumors, discovering wolf-children & beginning a harrowing rescue mission."

The Wolf Children 2 - Mike Samuda

2 hrs 30 mins
8 lessons

Discover the captivating journey of Kamala and Amala, two wolf-child siblings found in the jungle. Witness their struggle to embrace humanity.??

The Way Through the Woods - Rudyard Kipling

1 hr 42 mins
13 lessons

The Way through the woods, Class 8, English, New Images Next is a hauntingly beautiful poem "The Way Through the Woods" by Rudyard Kipling. Delve into the mysterious woods and lose yourself in the enchanting words of this literary masterpiece.

Snakes on the Loose - Nicholas Horburgh

2 hrs 16 mins
8 lessons

Discover the captivating tale of 160 deadly cobras escaping from an illegal breeding lab in China. A thrilling story of terror and intrigue. ?

A Heritage of Trees - David Horsburgh

2 hrs 5 mins
13 lessons

"A Heritage of Trees" by David Horsburgh is a poignant poem about the tragic sight of noble trees being mutilated and the need to preserve our natural heritage.

Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture - Jerome k Jerome

3 hrs 40 mins
11 lessons

Enjoy the comedic chaos of Uncle Podger attempting to hang a picture in his home, causing a series of hilarious mishaps in this classic story.

Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S. - Nissim Ezekiel

1 hr 20 mins
6 lessons

Join us as we bid bon voyage to our beloved Miss Pushpa, a cheerful lady known for her kindness and good spirit. Get to know her journey and charming personality.

Working a Miracle - Saki

4 hrs 11 mins
8 lessons

Experience the satirical dialogues in this adapted version of The Miracle Merchant by Saki. Set in Mrs Chandresan's farmhouse, it showcases a neat comedy of manners with unique characters and humorous misunderstandings. A must-read!

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