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Birbal's wit is a hit

2 hrs 5 mins
10 lessons

Dive into the epic tale of Emperor Akbar’s reign in 16th-century India, featuring Birbal's wit that saves the royal paan maker from the Emperor's wrath.

The Weird Wells wedding invitation

1 hr 48 mins
10 lessons

Discover the cleverness of Tenali Ramalinga as he finds a witty solution to a bizarre wedding invitation from the Sultan of Delhi. Intriguing and entertaining!

I Think my Dad's a dracula - Kenn Nesbitt

1 hr 34 mins
11 lessons

"Experience whimsical humor in Kenn Nesbitt's imaginative poem 'I Think My Dad is Dracula.' Explore a child's amusing suspicions about his father's nocturnal habits."

Dreams Never Die

1 hr 57 mins
10 lessons

"Experience Valerie's inspirational journey of overcoming a major obstacle, adapting, and keeping her dream of attending a London Music Academy alive."

The Starry Star

2 hrs 9 mins
8 lessons

"Read an inspiring interview with Astronaut Sunita Williams as she shares her experiences in space, aiming to inspire future generations."

Abou Ben Adhem - James Henry Leigh Hunt

2 hrs 38 mins
12 lessons

"Explore 'Abou Ben Adhem,' a touching poem by Leigh Hunt that beautifully portrays divine love & compassion. An unforgettable poetic journey that resonates with readers."

Speed! one can be better than two

2 hrs 38 mins
11 lessons

"Explore Michael Milton's inspiring journey: overcoming bone cancer, amputation, and fear to become Australia's fastest skier on one leg."

Healing our planet

3 hrs 13 mins
11 lessons

"Discover how communities globally are combating environmental challenges through unique strategies like urban farming, rainwater harvesting, and more."

The Curse of the Queen

2 hrs 49 mins
10 lessons

Explore the chilling legend of Queen Hatshepsut's curse, linking King Tut's tomb, the Titanic sinking, and 9/11 terrorist attacks in a deathly historical trail.

Behind the Black Door

3 hrs 17 mins
10 lessons

Join Roger's exciting adventure in the countryside with Aunt Betty, filled with mysteries, monsters, and old village tales. Experience the unexpected!

The Sands of Dee - Charles Kingsley

1 hr 43 mins
11 lessons

Experience the tragic tale of Mary in 'The Sands of Dee,' a poignant poem about loss, love, and longing, set against the misty backdrop of the Dee shoreline.


3 hrs 25 mins
10 lessons

"Experience the musical journey of Dhwani, a village girl with a beautiful voice, and her journey to freedom embracing nature's melody."

When Music was Mightier than the Pen

2 hrs 17 mins
9 lessons

Explore the power of music in expressing unspoken emotions as our protagonist releases grief over his father's death through a symphony.

My Brother, My Brother

2 hrs 13 mins
9 lessons

Experience the courageous tale of young Sher Singh, who braves a perilous jungle to save his dying brother. A heartwarming story of bravery and sibling love.

The Little Inspiration

2 hrs 45 mins
10 lessons

Explore the inspiring tale of Helen Keller, a deaf and blind child who overcame obstacles with her teacher Anne Sullivan's dedicated support.

The Genius Who Rocked

1 hr 55 mins
9 lessons

"Explore the inspiring story of Nek Chand, who transformed waste into artistic masterpieces at the Rock Garden in Chandigarh, India."

When They Lost Their Heaven On Earth

3 hrs 0 mins
9 lessons

"Explore the allegory of India's rich heritage through a unique narrative featuring major sites as protagonists, journeying to an afterlife."

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