Enhanced English Alive Coursebook

Class 6 • Literature

Other Books

Travelling with Grandfather's Zoo - Ruskin Bond

3 hrs 54 mins
12 lessons

Looking for a heartwarming travel story? Join Ruskin Bond on his journey with his grandfather's zoo in this charming tale. Explore the sights and sounds of India in this delightful read.

Cypress Street - Todd Michael St. Pierre

1 hr 58 mins
12 lessons

Explore Cypress Street's transformation in this poem, where once majestic trees made way for lampposts and concrete, reflecting urbanization's impact.

The Man on the Island - R. L. Stevenson

1 hr 26 mins
10 lessons

Join Squire Trelawney, Jim Hawkins & Dr Livesey on a thrilling treasure hunt. Discover the secrets of an island, a mysterious figure, and Flint's treasure.

Upon the Songs of Whales - Cori MacNaughton

1 hr 3 mins
8 lessons

Discover the beautiful harmony of blue and humpback whales as they sing and create a symphony in the sea, with poetic tribute to the various whale species.

Fight, Manju, Fight! - Sigrun Srivastav

1 hr 30 mins
9 lessons

Discover Sigrun Srivastav's inspiring tale of Manjula Parelkar, who overcomes physical challenges to pursue her passion for painting. A must-read!

Arunima Sinha: On Top of the World

1 hr 36 mins
9 lessons

Discover the incredible journey of Arunima Sinha, India's first amputee mountaineer who conquered Mount Everest and proved that determination and resilience can overcome any disability. Learn how her inspiring story motivates others to tackle challenges and achieve their dreams.

I Speak sign language - Sarah Ismail

1 hr 35 mins
9 lessons

Explore Sarah Ismail's heartfelt poem "I Speak Sign Language," celebrating the beauty of non-verbal communication & its power in connecting people.

Powerful Moves - T. V. Padma

1 hr 23 mins
10 lessons

Discover the power of wisdom over physical strength in this ancient Indian tale of Sissa, the inventor of chess, as he teaches a valuable lesson to a generous king.

The Tree House - Sivakami Velliangiri

1 hr 15 mins
9 lessons

Discover the joys of childhood summers spent building a tree house, and the innocence of fluid gender roles and embracing creativity and camaraderie in our youth.

Children at Work - Gita Wolf, Anushka Ravishankar

2 hrs 15 mins
10 lessons

Explore a heart-touching tale of Velu, a runaway boy adapting to city life and the harsh realities of child labour, through his encounter with Jaya.

What Can You Do?

1 hr 14 mins
9 lessons

Celebrate Earth Day with this inspiring poem that encourages readers to take action for a cleaner environment – from recycling to spreading awareness.??

The story of the Anklet - Ilango Adigal's silappatikaram

1 hr 44 mins
9 lessons

Discover the Tamil epic, Silappathikaram by Ilango Adigal, exploring love, loss, and justice. Witness Kannagi's fight against a king's wrongful acts.

Eat From the Edges - Supriya Karunakaran

1 hr 35 mins
10 lessons

In this passage, discover the valuable lesson an old woman teaches to Chandragupta and Chanakya, which helps them change their war strategy and ultimately achieve victory.

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