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Class 6 • Literature

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The Chameleon - Anton Chekhov

2 hrs 21 mins
12 lessons

Discover Chekhov's tale of corruption, law, and justice in a small town, as characters face moral dilemmas and societal challenges. Read now!

The French Lesson - Frances Hodgson Burnett

2 hrs 4 mins
11 lessons

Discover "The French Lesson," an engaging story about Sara, a girl at a new boarding school, highlighting the importance of communication between teachers and students.

Mowgli amongst the wolves - Rudyard Kipling

3 hrs 54 mins
12 lessons

"Immerse yourself in 'Mowgli Amongst the Wolves' - an exciting chapter following Mowgli's unique experiences and life lessons in the wild jungle."

The battle of Mulan

1 hr 47 mins
11 lessons

"Discover 'The Battle of Mulan', a compelling chapter detailing Mulan's bravery and cunning tactics on the battlefield in China's legendary historical saga."

Adventure of Isabel - Ogden Nash

2 hrs 35 mins
13 lessons

"Experience 'Adventure of Isabel', a thrilling poem revealing young Isabel's courage as she confronts fascinating challenges and fearlessly overcomes them."

Apu goes to school - Bhibutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

3 hrs 41 mins
12 lessons

Explore 'Apu Goes to School', a poignant chapter highlighting Apu's journey of learning, facing challenges, and embracing changes in his first year of school.

The clothesline - Charlotte Druitt Cole

1 hr 57 mins
11 lessons

"Experience the whimsical charm in 'The Clothesline', an enchanting children's poem by Charlotte Druitt Cole, sure to ignite imagination!"

The Deeds of Daring Dashu - Sukumar Roy

1 hr 40 mins
9 lessons

Uncover 'The Deeds of Daring Dashu', a captivating chapter showcasing Dashu's bravery, wit, and adventures proving that actions do speak louder than words.

Science Fiction Through the Ages

1 hr 45 mins
7 lessons

Step into 'Science Fiction of the Ages', a chapter featuring remarkable tales and discoveries that expand our understanding of both science and fiction.

Foreign Land

57 mins
8 lessons

Discover 'Foreign Land', a chapter that delves into the experiences, challenges, and growth one endures when exploring new cultures and landscapes.

Crusoe grows food - Daniel Defoe

1 hr 49 mins
10 lessons

Explore 'Crusoe Grows Food', a chapter reflecting Crusoe's determination and ingenuity in cultivating his own food, inspiring resilience and self-sufficiency.

Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll

1 hr 0 mins
7 lessons

Join Alice in Wonderland as she encounters a mysterious Caterpillar, discussing identity and change, while seeking a way to control her size. Class 6, English Vibes

Abou Ben Adhem - James Leigh Hunt

2 hrs 58 mins
12 lessons

"Explore 'Abou Ben Adhem,' a touching poem by Leigh Hunt that beautifully portrays divine love & compassion. An unforgettable poetic journey that resonates with readers."

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