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Class 8 • Literature

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The Three Questions - Leo Tolstoy

5 hrs 24 mins
14 lessons

Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy, Class 8, New Images Next, is an introspective lesson that forces one's perspective onto his nearest surroundings and people. Get the summaries, videos, notes, and quizzes of Three Questions and find out more about how the king found the answers to his three questions.

The Commentator - Gareth Owen

2 hrs 44 mins
14 lessons

The Commentator is a hilarious take on a football match between two groups of kids where the poet uses the national teams of England & Holland to describe the match. Get summaries, poetic devices, notes, and plots of the Commentator and follow Danny Markey's journey as an international football star.

A Robot in the house - Dilip M Salwi

2 hrs 27 mins
11 lessons

Discover a captivating tale of a boy, a domestic robot, and the challenges of communication in "A Robot in the House" by Dilip M. Salwi. Class 8, New Images Next

Communication - Aisha Sherazi

2 hrs 51 mins
13 lessons

Communication, Class 8, New Images Next is a powerful poem that reflects on the challenges of modern-day communication. Get summaries, themes, plots, poetic devices, notes and more and discover the power of effective communication and the impact it can have on our world.

The Tea Kettle - Folk Tale

3 hrs 4 mins
12 lessons

Discover a magical tea kettle's adventures with a wise priest & a tinker in ancient Japan. Experience friendship, laughter & transformation in this enchanting tale.

One Stranded Bus and a Pond - John Balzar

3 hrs 43 mins
13 lessons

One Stranded Bus and a Pond, New Images Next, Class 8, Experience Alaska's hidden treasures with John Balzar's tale of a stranded bus, a serene pond, and the unforgettable moments discovered off the beaten path.

A Nation's Strength - Ralph Waldo Emerson

3 hrs 1 mins
13 lessons

Discover the timeless poem 'A Nation's Strength' by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Class 8, New Images Next and be inspired by its powerful message of resilience, unity, and courage. Get summaries, themes, plots, poetic devices, notes, quizzes and much more on 'A Nation's Strength' & feel the strength of your own spirit rise!

The Nightingale and the Glow-worm - William Cowper

3 hrs 2 mins
14 lessons

Class 8, New Images Next, Read William Cowper's poem "The Nightingale and the Glow-worm" where a nightingale finds a glow-worm and learns a lesson about appreciating each other's unique talents.

The Remarkable Rocket - Oscar Wilde

3 hrs 23 mins
14 lessons

Class 8, New Images Next, Discover the fascinating tale of a conceited rocket's journey to space and back in "The Remarkable Rocket" by Oscar Wilde. A classic short story filled with witty humor and insightful commentary on human nature.

The Human Seasons - John Keats

2 hrs 33 mins
13 lessons

The Human Seasons by John Keats, Class 8, New Images Next, is an imagery-rich poem that pits the entire lives of humans against the seasons of nature. Get the summaries, themes, poetic devices, character sketches, plot, symbols, and so much more.

The Way Through the Woods - Rudyard Kipling

2 hrs 50 mins
15 lessons

The Way through the woods, Class 8, English, New Images Next is a hauntingly beautiful poem "The Way Through the Woods" by Rudyard Kipling. Delve into the mysterious woods and lose yourself in the enchanting words of this literary masterpiece.

A Comedy of manners - George Bernard Shaw

3 hrs 47 mins
13 lessons

Explore the wit & satire in "Comedy of Manners," a play highlighting societal norms, class distinctions, & witty repartee. Delight in its clever charm!, A Comedy of manners, Class 8, New Images Next

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