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Class 8 • Literature

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We are all Family

1 hr 32 mins
9 lessons

"Explore unusual human-animal relationships from Giraffe Manor in Kenya, Tippi's life with jungle animals, to Shaun living among wolves."

Refugee Blues - W. H. Auden

2 hrs 23 mins
12 lessons

"Explore W.H. Auden's 'Refugee Blues', an emotional WWII poem reflecting on the human plight and suffering of refugees in dire circumstances."

The Long Road to Learning

1 hr 26 mins
9 lessons

Explore captivating stories of children's courageous journeys to schools in remote areas across India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

Fight, Manju, Fight! - Sigrun Srivastav

2 hrs 5 mins
10 lessons

Discover Sigrun Srivastav's inspiring tale of Manjula Parelkar, who overcomes physical challenges to pursue her passion for painting. A must-read!

Advisory for Indian Students in the United States

1 hr 15 mins
9 lessons

"Get a comprehensive guide and advisory for Indian students studying in the United States - cultural tips, academic life, personal experiences and support."

Interpreter of Maladies - Jhumpa Lahiri

1 hr 50 mins
9 lessons

Explore a vibrant journey of a foreign family visiting India and their unique cultural experiences in the chapter from 'Interpreter of Maladies'.

No Men are Foreign - James Kirkup

1 hr 23 mins
11 lessons

No Men are foreign, Class 8, "No Men are Foreign" by James Kirkup is a powerful anti-war poem that reminds us of our common humanity and the need to reject hatred and violence.

World War Diaries

1 hr 5 mins
8 lessons

"Explore firsthand accounts from WWI & WWII from non-combatants. From London's streets to Auschwitz, experience their unique perspectives."

The Christmas Truce - Aaron Shephard

1 hr 25 mins
9 lessons

"Experience the magic of Christmas Eve during WWI through a soldier's letter, revealing the surprising peace and unity found on a battlefield."

Mr. Beans Interview

2 hrs 25 mins
12 lessons

Experience humor and wit in 'Mr. Beans Interview', a chapter that captures compelling career scenarios. Dive into this interesting conversation now

My Friend Luke - Femando Sorrentino

2 hrs 41 mins
7 lessons

Explore 'My Friend Luke' - a heartfelt story about friendship and learning. Uncover life-changing lessons through memorable experiences and interactions

The walrus and the carpenter - Lewis Carroll

1 hr 11 mins
11 lessons

Discover 'The Walrus and the Carpenter', a captivating narrative poem by Lewis Carroll. Dive into fantastical themes of innocence and manipulation.

Eliza - George Bernard Shaw

2 hrs 10 mins
7 lessons

Discover the captivating tale of 'Eliza' in this chapter. Follow her journey as she navigates challenges and uncovers hidden truths. Engaging and intriguing.

Communication - Aisha Sherazi

56 mins
10 lessons

Communication, Class 8, New Images Next is a powerful poem that reflects on the challenges of modern-day communication. Get summaries, themes, plots, poetic devices, notes and more and discover the power of effective communication and the impact it can have on our world.

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