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Class 6 • Literature

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The Mountain that ate people

2 hrs 34 mins
8 lessons

"Discover ancient Japanese lore in 'The Mountain That Ate People'. A tale emphasizing wisdom of the old and how it saves a kingdom. Read now!"

The Tree Doctor

2 hrs 29 mins
7 lessons

"Learn about the inspiring story of Dr.Tadahiko Yamano, a Japanese tree doctor committed to reviving and protecting ancient, ailing trees."

Travelling with Grandfather's Zoo - Ruskin Bond

3 hrs 0 mins
9 lessons

Looking for a heartwarming travel story? Join Ruskin Bond on his journey with his grandfather's zoo in this charming tale. Explore the sights and sounds of India in this delightful read.

A New House - Neil Gaiman

1 hr 47 mins
7 lessons

Explore Coraline's new house with her. Uncover the mysteries behind a locked door and spooky shadows. Dive into a world of enchantment with Neil Gaiman.

Granny’s Little Laptop - Roann Mendriq

1 hr 23 mins
6 lessons

"Experience the blend of humor, warmth, and wisdom in this delightful poem, 'Granny’s Little Laptop'. Explore how technology meets age."

A Night in June - William Wordsworth

1 hr 15 mins
8 lessons

Experience the serene beauty of a June night through William Wordsworth's renowned poem. Delight in nature's tranquility, resonant bird songs, and ethereal moonlight.

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