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Class 6 • Literature

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The Lost Generation - Jonathan Reed

1 hr 30 mins
11 lessons

Discover a powerful passage on the lost generation's view of the world, challenging happiness, priorities, and hope for the future. Can it be reversed?

The amazing penguin rescue - Lauren Tarshis

2 hrs 43 mins
11 lessons

Discover the inspiring Penguin Rescue of 2000, when 20,000+ volunteers saved 19,000 African penguins from an oil spill. Learn about this remarkable effort!

Moral Tales - Frank Carr

1 hr 56 mins
11 lessons

Discover the ancient tale of a wise prince who teaches blind men and learned scholars the importance of examining ideas from different perspectives.

Off to Imaginary Land - S. Zainub Kommunopuri

1 hr 52 mins
10 lessons

Discover a whimsical journey through a magical world filled with mythical creatures and enchanting locations in S. Zaynab Kamoonpury's poem.

Entering the Door to Hell - Stuart Thornton

2 hrs 49 mins
10 lessons

Explore the thrilling adventure of Gulliver in Lilliput, navigating a land of tiny inhabitants, power dynamics, and cultural discoveries. Dive in now!

Far From the Madding Crowd - Jonathan Swift

2 hrs 6 mins
11 lessons

"Explore the exciting adventures of Lemuel Gulliver as he encounters tiny people in the fictional land of Lilliput. Read the classic tale by Jonathan Swift now."

Stubb kills a whale - Herman Melville

2 hrs 26 mins
12 lessons

Join Ahab's harrowing pursuit of the mighty whale in this thrilling passage from Moby Dick, as the crew battles against the elements in a tense, action-packed chase.

The Great Dinosaur mystery

2 hrs 1 mins
8 lessons

"Unravel the mystery of the dinosaurs' extinction in this chapter. Explore theories, evidence, and impact of meteorites. Find out what happened to the great reptiles."

The Song of the whale - Kit Wright

1 hr 56 mins
11 lessons

This chapter features a powerful and emotional poem about the impact of human actions on the lives of whales, and the destruction of their habitat.

Amigo Brothers - Piri Thomas

2 hrs 17 mins
11 lessons

"Read 'Amigo Brothers' and discover the inspiring story of two boxers, Antonio and Felix, who put their friendship to the test in a match of a lifetime." #AmigoBrothers #BoxingMatch #Friendship #Sportsmanship #InspiringStory

Twins who climbed the Mount Everest - Averil Nunes

2 hrs 14 mins
11 lessons

"Twins Tashi and Nungshi climbed Mount Everest and conquered six other peaks. Follow their inspiring journey of passion, determination and gender equality."

The ants at the Olympics - Richard Digance

2 hrs 17 mins
11 lessons

"Read about the Ants' struggles at the Jungle Olympics, as they face tough competition and come in last place, but still maintain their determination and sportsmanship." #JungleOlympics #Ants #Sportsmanship

Sandra Street - Michael Anthony

2 hrs 4 mins
11 lessons

Read about a boy's discovery of the beauty and charm of his neighbourhood in Michael Anthony's "Sandra Street." A story of finding home where you least expect it.

African Childhood - Nelson Mandela

2 hrs 9 mins
11 lessons

In this chapter, Nelson Mandela recalls his African childhood and how he spent most of his time in the veld playing, fighting, and learning from nature.

The Black Badge of Africa - Gift Mudzingwa

1 hr 47 mins
11 lessons

Explore Gift Mudzingwa's "The Black Badge of Africa," a vivid poem celebrating African heritage, personal growth, and nature's beauty.

Centaurus I - Jack Richards and James Feldman

1 hr 57 mins
11 lessons

"Centaurus I" is a thought-provoking play about the human desire for exploration and the dilemma of leaving security behind to face the unknown.

The Night Sky - Anita Ganeri

2 hrs 17 mins
10 lessons

Explore the vast universe and learn about stars, galaxies, and our solar system in this fascinating chapter. Written by Anita Ganeri.

Night - Sergei Esenin

1 hr 24 mins
11 lessons

Explore the beauty of night in this serene poem, capturing nature's silence, the moon's brilliance, and the soothing silver hues of the nocturnal landscape.

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