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How daddy decided what he want to be - Alexander Raskin

3 hrs 15 mins
10 lessons

"Explore the whimsical journey of a young boy's changing aspirations, from night watchman to dog, and his ultimate realization about humanity."

The White Elephant - Ruskin Bond

3 hrs 3 mins
12 lessons

Discover the tale of a rare white elephant, risking danger and betrayal to save a lost forester, and learn about the kindness that set him free.

Leisure - William Henry Davies

1 hr 32 mins
11 lessons

Discover the life-affirming poetry of William Henry Davies, including his famous poem "Leisure". Explore nature, simplicity, and the joys of life.

My Experiments with Truth - Mahatma Gandhi

2 hrs 28 mins
10 lessons

Discover Gandhi's childhood experiences, his lessons on truth, integrity, and dedication to physical and mental education in "My Experiments with Truth."

Today and Tomorrow - J.E. Carpenter

1 hr 27 mins
10 lessons

"Explore J.E. Carpenter's timeless poem 'Today and Tomorrow,' urging seizing the day. Dive into the essence of immediate action over delay."

The Helpful Young Man - Shaharyar

2 hrs 42 mins
9 lessons

Discover the tale of a helpful young man who goes on a magical journey to restore his father's sight, meeting mystical creatures and finding love.

Bharat Desh - Subramania Bharati,

1 hr 18 mins
10 lessons

"Explore 'Bharat Desh', a soul-stirring poem by Subramania Bharati that celebrates India's beauty, culture, and the spirit of overcoming challenges."

Hanuman and I - Rupa Gupta

1 hr 55 mins
9 lessons

Experience a hilarious school drama in "Hanuman and I" by Rupa Gupta. Join Rupa as she stumbles through an unforgettable performance that'll leave you laughing.

Our Tree - David Harmer

1 hr 33 mins
11 lessons

"Explore 'Our Tree' by David Harmer, a poignant poem reflecting on time, growth, and change, embodying human connection with nature."

Attila - R.K. Narayan

2 hrs 27 mins
12 lessons

This story tells of a friendly dog named Attila, bought to protect against thefts, who unexpectedly befriends a burglar. Read as he earns his status as a cunning detective hero.

The Case of Copied Question Papers - Arthur Conan Doyle

2 hrs 49 mins
11 lessons

Join Sherlock Holmes and Watson as they solve the mystery of the copied question papers in this engaging play set in 1895. Will they discover the culprit?

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