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The Portrait of a Lady The Portrait of a Lady

Why was it hard for the author to believe that his grandmother was once young and pretty?
It was hard for the author to conceive that his grandmother had ever been young and pretty since he had been looking at her since childhood and had always seen her wrinkled. He was too young to visualize her ever being young.
Grandmother has been portrayed as a very religious lady. What details in the story create this impression?
The grandmother had a divine beauty. How does the author bring this out?
What proofs do you find of the friendship between grandmother and grandson in this story?
The grandmother was a kind-hearted woman. Give examples in support of your answer.
"That was a turning point in our friendship". What was the turning point?
Draw a comparison between village school education and city school education.
What was the happiest moment of the day for the grandmother?
What was "the last sign" of physical contact between the author and the grandmother? Why did the author think that to be the last physical contact?
Everybody including the sparrows mourned grandmother's death. Elaborate.
The author says that his grandmother had always been beautiful. Explain the above statement.
How did the grandmother prepare the author for going to school when they were staying in the village?
Why did the grandmother always accompany the author to school?
What was the routine of the grandmother and the author after they left the school?
Why was the grandmother distressed at the teachings imparted to the author in the English School?
How did the author's grandmother spend her day in the city?
Describe the grandmother's association with the sparrows.
What was the grandmother's reaction when the author was to go abroad for further studies?
The birds came to mourn the death of the grandmother on the last day. How?
What was Grandmother's concept of proper education of children?
What type of tales did the grandmother tell the children about her childhood?
What could have been the cause of Grandmother's falling ill?
It was hard to believe'. What was hard to believe about the grandmother and why?
Write about the grandmother's daily routine in the village?
Why did the sparrows not touch bread crumbs on the last day?
How did the sparrows behave when the grandmother's body was being taken for cremation?
Why does Khushwant Singh describe his grandmother as 'Winter Landscape in the mountains'?
What was the common link of friendship between Khushwant Singh and his grandmother in the city? How was this link snapped?
With whom did grandmother develop a deep bond of friendship in the city? How did they satisfy mutual needs of each other?
Write a character sketch of the author's grandmother by using following words: affectionate, caring, kind and benevolent, religious, a strong woman
The grandmother herself was not formally educated but was serious about the author's education. How does the text support this?
Gradually the author and the grandmother saw less of each 'other and their friendship was broken. Was the distancing in the relationship deliberate or due to the demands of the situation?
The author's grandmother in the lesson 'The Portrait of a lady' was a very religious woman. Explain.
Write in your own words to show that the author and his grandmother were very good friends.
Imagine yourself as Khushwant Singh's grandmother. You have recently shifted to the city along with your son's family. Write a letter to your friend Shanti describing to her the sudden change in your life. Express your feelings of uprootment, loneliness and anguish?
The Portrait of a Lady' by Khushwant Singh is a suggestive study of the status of the old age in the context of a family which essentially happens to be a joint family. While reading the text, it makes you think of the conditions of so many old people who are living in some unfavourable circumstances which force some of them to stay in old age homes. Write an article in about 150 words on the topic 'Should there be Homes for the Aged in India ?'
The Portrait of A Lady' partly dwells on the loneliness and insecurity of• the old age and the effort of the old to fit in. Driven by such thoughts while reading the lesson, you think about the life of many old men and women in India, who lead a lone- some existence in the fag end of their life. Write an article in about 120-150 words on 'Growing Old'.
In 'The Portrait of a Lady' the author talks about his old grandmother and his relationship with her and how he lost her. Getting inspired by the author's sketch, write an article in about 100 words, about your grandmother.
Grandmother was a caring lady. She loved animals and birds and took care of the street dogs and the sparrows. Based on your reading of the story, write a paragraph on the topic: 'The need to care for Birds and Animals'.
When the author's parents were comfortably settled in the city they sent for the author and the grandmother. The grandmother was well taken care of by the family until her last moment. Today we live in a world where in many families the grandparents are left alone without anyone to care for them. Based on your reading of the story, write a paragraph on the topic : 'Grandparents need our love and support in their old age'.
When grandmother died the sparrows came to pay her homage. This shows that man shares a bond of affection with the other creations of the Nature through God. Based on your reading of the story, write a paragraph on the topic : 'God's presence can be experienced in all His creations'.

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