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The Laburnum Top The Laburnum Top

The Laburnum top is silent, quite still In the afternoon yellow September sunlight A few leaves yellowing, all its seeds fallen. a. What is laburnum tree? b. Which season is mentioned in the poem? c. What is the state of the seeds and leaves? d. What is the state of the tree? e. What time of the day it is?
a. Laburnum tree is a short ornamental tree with hanging branches, yellow flowers and poisonous seeds. b. Since there is a mention of September the poem is written in autumn season whereby the leaves are shedding. c. The tree is in a withered state as its leaves are yellowing and shedding. Even its seeds have all fallen down. d. The tree is in a still motionless state. e. It is the quiet afternoon when the sun is shining bright.
Till the goldfinch comes, with a twitching chirrup A suddenness, a startlement, at a branch end. Then sleek as a lizard, and alert, and abrupt, She enters the thickness, and a machine starts up Of chitterings and a tremor of wings, and trillings- The whole tree trembles and thrills. a. What is a gold flinch? b. What affect does the gold flinch have on the tree? c. Why has the gold flinch been compared to a lizard? d. Explain ‘machine starts up’. e. How does the tree responds to the bird?
It is the engine of her family. She stokes it full, then flirts out to a branch-end Showing her barred face identity mask a. What is the engine of her family? How? b. What is stokes? c. Explain ‘showing her bared face identity mask’.
Then with eerie delicate whistle-chirrup whisperings She launches away, towards the infinite And the laburnum subsides to empty. a. What change is noticed in her singing ? b. Where does she go? c. What happens to the tree?
What do you notice about the beginning and the ending of the poem?
What is the bird’s movement compared with? What is the basis for the comparison?
Why is the image of the engine evoked by the poet?
What do you like most about the poem?
What does the phrase “her barred face identity mask” means?
What message does the poem give?
Briefly describe the scene at Laburnum tree after the mother bird has fed her little ones.
Why does the poet call the whisperings of the bird ‘eerie’?
What makes the Laburnum tree “tremble” and “thrill”?
What happens to the Laburnum tree in September?

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