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Silk Road Silk Road

Why the article has been titled ‘Silk Road’?
The article has been titled Silk Road as Middleton covered a route which passed through the similar path which had been used to trade silk. Besides the snow clad roads and white topography give the impression of raw silk being present everywhere.
Give reasons why the Tibetan Mastiffs were popular in China’s imperial courts?
Why was the author disappointed with Darchen?
The author thought that his positive thinking strategy worked after all. Was he right?
What was the purpose of the author’s journey to Mount Kailash?
Briefly comment on the author’s physical condition in Darchen?
Why was Nick Middleton relieved on meeting Norbu?
“As a Buddhist he told me he knew that it didn’t matter if I passed away but he thought it would be bad for business”. What did Tsetan mean by it? Why did he say so?
What gift did Lhamo give to Nick Middleton as he was leaving Ravu and why?
What did Tsetan decide to do to avoid the circuitous route through Changtang?
What was the danger of driving over the swathe of snow?
How did Testan get over the second blockage on way to Mount Kailash?
What idea did Nick Middleton get about lake Mansarovar from the accounts of earlier writers?
What nocturnal disturbances did Nick Middleton experience in Ravu?
What medicine did the doctor give Nick Middleton for his disturbances at night in Darchen?
Why was Nick Middleton not very much impressed with the medical college and the doctor?
How does the tow of Darchen appear at the height of pilgrimage season?
Why did the author miss Tsetan after he left for Lhasa?
Why did his journey to ‘Kailash’ prove to be ill timed?
Who was Norbu? Why did he come to Kailash Kora?
What idea do you get about Norbu’s personality?
Why did Nick’s initial excitement on meeting Norbu give way to a little bit of disappointment?
Though Nick Middleton was a foreigner he gave due respect to the Tibetan customs and religious beliefs. Comment.
What suggestion did Norbu give Nick Middleton?

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