Dust of Snow Dust of Snow

What is a “dust of snow”? What does the poet say has changed his mood? How has the poet’s mood changed?
Dust of Snow refers to the flakes of snow. The poet says that the sudden shower of flakes has changed his mood. The poet’s mood has changed as it has brought him out of the gloomy state he was in that day.
How does Frost present nature in this poem? (i) What are the birds that are usually named in poems? Do you think a crow is often mentioned in poems? What images come to your mind when you think of a crow? (ii) Again, what is “a hemlock tree”? Why doesn’t the poet write about a more ‘beautiful’ tree such as a maple, or an oak, or a pine? (iii) What do the ‘crow’ and ‘hemlock’ represent — joy or sorrow? What does the dust of snow that the crow shakes off a hemlock tree stand for?
What do you mean by ‘Dust of Snow’?
Where was the crow sitting?
What do you mean by ‘Hemlock’?
How does the crow change the poet’s mood?
Give the meaning of rued.
What is the message of the poet?
‘And saved some part of a day I had rued.’ Explain.
Why was the poet standing under the Hemlock tree?
What does ‘dust of snow’ represent in the poem?

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