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Fire and Ice - Robert Frost

1 hr 23 mins
12 lessons

Fire and Ice, Class 10, NCERT English, First Flight, by Robert Frost is a timeless classic that explores the power of human emotions and the consequences of our choices. With vivid imagery and powerful language, Frost paints a vivid picture of the destructive power of unchecked passion and the importance of temperance. Get summaries, videos, and line by line explanations of Fire and Ice, and read this classic poem to explore the power of human emotions and the consequences of our choices.

Nelson Mandela - Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

4 hrs 13 mins
13 lessons

Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, is the inspiring story of one man's struggle against oppression and injustice. Follow the remarkable journey of South Africa's first democratically elected president as he leads his people to freedom and equality. Experience the courage and determination of a man who changed the course of history and inspired a nation.

A Tiger in the Zoo - Leslie Norris

2 hrs 39 mins
14 lessons

In "A Tiger in the zoo," the poet vividly depicts the captivity and frustration of a majestic tiger, yearning to roam free in the wild.

His First Flight - Liam O' Flaherty

2 hrs 11 mins
11 lessons

Experience the thrilling journey of a young seagull's first flight in His First Flight, Class 10, NCERT English, First Flight, as he takes the plunge and discovers the joys of soaring through the sky. Get summaries, videos, and line by line explanations of His First Flight, and join him as he learns to fly and explore the vast expanse of the sea below.

Black Aeroplane - Frederick Forsyth

1 hr 54 mins
11 lessons

Read the thrilling story of a lost pilot in a storm, guided by a mysterious black plane. Written by acclaimed author Frederick Forsyth.

How to tell Wild Animals - Carolyn Wells

1 hr 38 mins
10 lessons

Discover Carolyn Wells' humorous poem "How To Tell Wild Animals," a witty guide to identifying wild beasts through clever verses and amusing scenarios.

The Ball Poem - John Berryman

1 hr 29 mins
10 lessons

Explore John Berryman's "The Ball Poem," a powerful exploration of loss, grief, and coming-of-age through the story of a boy and his lost ball.

From the Diary of Anne Frank - Anne Frank

2 hrs 53 mins
11 lessons

"Discover Anne Frank's intimate thoughts as she starts her diary 'Kitty', revealing her longing for true friendship amidst the backdrop of WWII."

Amanda - Robin Klein

1 hr 59 mins
10 lessons

Explore Amanda, a captivating poem by Robin Klein, depicting a child's vivid, imaginative escapes from daily life amid constant pressure. Dive in now!

A Baker from Goa - Lucio Rodrigues

1 hr 56 mins
10 lessons

"Explore the nostalgic recollections of Goan bakers (paders) in traditional bread-making. Experience the unique culture and rituals of old Goa."

Coorg - Lokesh Abrol

1 hr 43 mins
12 lessons

"Discover the inspiring journey of Lokesh Abrol, a doctor, traveler, educationist, and social worker, as he embraces a life of purpose and impact."

Tea from Assam - Arup Kumar Datta

1 hr 22 mins
10 lessons

"Discover Assam's tea country and legends of tea through Rajvir and Pranjol's journey. Explore vast plantations and the allure of greenery."

The Trees - Adrienne Rich

1 hr 41 mins
10 lessons

"Explore 'The Trees' by Adrienne Rich, a powerful poem symbolizing resilience and freedom. Delve into nature's struggle against man-made confinement."

Mijbil the Otter - Gavin Maxwell

3 hrs 34 mins
11 lessons

"Explore Gavin Maxwell's adventurous journey with Mij, his pet otter, from Iraq to England. A unique tale of bond, exploration, and wildlife."

Fog - Carl Sandburg

1 hr 16 mins
10 lessons

Discover Carl Sandburg's "Fog," a captivating poem that beautifully captures the essence of fog through vivid imagery, exploring nature's transient nature.

Madam rides the Bus - Vallikkannan

3 hrs 14 mins
11 lessons

"Join 8-year-old Valli in her thrilling, self-funded bus journey to town and back. Experience her fascination, courage, and life-altering realizations."

The Tale of Custard the Dragon - Ogden Nash

2 hrs 37 mins
10 lessons

"Explore Ogden Nash's humorous poem, 'The Tale of Custard the Dragon.' Delve into this whimsical tale of courage and friendship in a magical world."

The Sermon at Benares - Folk Tale

2 hrs 4 mins
9 lessons

"Explore Buddha's wisdom on suffering as experienced by Kisa Gotami. Buddha's teachings on overcoming grief and embracing life's impermanence."

For Anne Gregory - William Butler Yeats

59 mins
10 lessons

"Explore Yeats' 'For Anne Gregory', a captivating poem about beauty and love, questioning if one can be loved for personality, not just appearances."

The Proposal - Anton Chekov

3 hrs 45 mins
11 lessons

"Experience the comic genius of Chekhov's 'The Proposal'. A humorous look at love, land disputes, & human nature in 19th century provincial Russia."

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