Class 8 • Literature

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The Best Christmas Present in the World - Michael Morpurgo

2 hrs 16 mins
11 lessons

Discover "The Best Christmas Present in the World" by Michael Morpurgo - a heartwarming, festive tale that captures the true spirit of Christmas, perfect for readers of all ages. Get ready to be enchanted by this timeless classic!

The ant and the cricket - Aesop's Fables

1 hr 45 mins
12 lessons

Discover the timeless moral lesson in this captivating Aesop-inspired poem about a cricket & an ant. Uncover wisdom in a tale of planning & consequences.

The Tsunami

2 hrs 31 mins
11 lessons

"Explore real stories of survival & bravery from the devastating 2004 Tsunami in Thailand & India, and discover animals' potential sixth sense."

Glimpses of the Past - S.D. Sawant

3 hrs 3 mins
12 lessons

"Explore 18th-century India's myriad struggles against British rule and the sparks of revolt in this vivid portrayal of Indian resilience and rebellion."

The Summit Within - H.P.S. AHLUWALIA

2 hrs 15 mins
11 lessons

"Explore the profound reflections of mountaineer HPS Ahluwalia as he examines the deep significance of climbing Everest and the 'summit of the mind'."

The School Boy - William Blake

1 hr 52 mins
13 lessons

The School Boy, Honeydew, Class 8, Explore "The School Boy" by William Blake, a captivating poem highlighting the contrast between nature's joy & the restrictive educational system.

A Visit to Cambridge - Firdaus Kanga

3 hrs 23 mins
13 lessons

"Read Firdaus Kanga's powerful tale of meeting the legendary Stephen Hawking during his visit to Cambridge. Explore their shared insights on disability, strength, and courage."

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