Class 8 • Literature

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The Boy who broke the bank - Ruskin Bond

2 hrs 28 mins
12 lessons

Discover the chaos in Pipalnagar when a rumor of a bank collapse spreads, capturing the essence of human behavior in this gripping Ruskin Bond tale.

The Lost Dances of Cranes - Juliet Wilson

1 hr 4 mins
11 lessons

Explore Juliet Wilson's evocative poem, "The Lost Dances of Cranes," reflecting on nature, urbanization, and the fading imprint of a once-thriving world.

The Narayanpur Incident - Shashi Deshpande

2 hrs 34 mins
11 lessons

Discover the Narayanpur Incident, a gripping tale set during the Quit India Movement, as Mohan and his siblings join the struggle against the British.

So what are you, anyway - Lawrence Hill

2 hrs 18 mins
11 lessons

Explore this gripping chapter about Carole, a young girl's encounter with racial curiosity on a plane in 1970, by renowned Canadian author Lawrence Hill.

Unfolding Bud - Naoshi Koriyama

1 hr 23 mins
10 lessons

Discover the beauty of Naoshi Koriyama's "Unfolding Bud," a poem that reveals the rich layers of nature & art as it unfolds like a water lily.

Patol Babu, Film Star - Satyajit Ray

3 hrs 13 mins
11 lessons

Experience Patol Babu's journey through self-discovery, passion for acting, and the realization of the value of dedication in Satyajit Ray's engaging tale.

Your World - Georgia Douglas Johnson

1 hr 32 mins
9 lessons

Unleash your wings, break free from constraints. 'Your World' offers boundless horizons, where you soar with rapture, power, and ease. Embrace the immensity.

Feathered Friend - Arthur C Clarke

2 hrs 18 mins
11 lessons

In this chapter of "Feathered Friend" by Arthur C. Clarke, a canary plays a crucial role in detecting poisonous gases on a space station.

Gogol's first day at school - Jhumpa Lahiri

2 hrs 14 mins
11 lessons

"Explore Gogol's struggle with his dual identity in Jhumpa Lahiri's 'The Namesake'. Witness his first day at school as 'Nikhil' and his decision to remain 'Gogol'."

Hope is the thing with feathers - Emily Dickinson

1 hr 15 mins
11 lessons

Explore Emily Dickinson's "Hope is the Thing with Feathers," a timeless poem about the resilience of hope using the vivid imagery of a bird. Embrace its message.

The Visitor - Markus Zusak

2 hrs 46 mins
12 lessons

In WWII Germany, Liesel's family hides a Jewish man, Max, in their basement. When Nazi officers come to inspect the house for air-raid shelters, they must stay calm and protect Max's secret.

Saving the Gharial - Janaki Lenin

2 hrs 20 mins
10 lessons

Discover the endangered gharial crocodile and its unique behaviors in this captivating journey into wildlife conservation efforts by Janki Lenin.

Coming Home to Delhi - Madhur Jaffrey

2 hrs 8 mins
11 lessons

Discover the vibrant flavors of Delhi's cuisine in this childhood memoir filled with Moghul-inspired recipes, family picnics, & the city's rich history.

The Elephant and the Tragopan - Vikram Seth

2 hrs 36 mins
11 lessons

Explore Vikram Seth's "The Elephant and the Tragopan" poem, a profound critique of human destruction of animal habitats and plea for unity in nature.

That Little square box - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

2 hrs 49 mins
12 lessons

Experience mystery and intrigue in this chapter aboard a ship as the protagonist uncovers a sinister plot with a surprising twist, featuring Doyle's signature suspense.

The Three Caskets - William Shakespeare

2 hrs 41 mins
14 lessons

Portia, an heiress, tests her suitors with a choice of three caskets: gold, silver, and lead. Whomever selects the casket with her portrait wins her hand. Bassanio makes the right choice and wins Portia's heart.

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