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Class 8 • Literature

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The Listeners - Walter de la Mare

2 hrs 35 mins
12 lessons

"The Listeners" by Walter De La Mare is a haunting poem about a traveller knocking on a door in the moonlight, only to find phantom listeners. Explore its mystery and imagery. Class 8, English Access,

The Man Upstairs - P.G. Woodhouse

2 hrs 37 mins
10 lessons

"Discover unexpected friendship in P.G. Wodehouse's tale of two artists, Annette and Alan, as they navigate music, painting, and love."

Mowgli's Brothers - Rudyard Kipling

1 hr 50 mins
9 lessons

"Experience Mowgli's induction into the jungle's wolf pack in this action-packed chapter from The Jungle Book. Discover timeless lessons of survival."

A devoted Son - Anita Desai

3 hrs 11 mins
10 lessons

A devoted son's success brings him fame and fortune, but his treatment of his elderly father raises questions about filial duty and compassion.

A Day in the country - Anton Chekhov

2 hrs 57 mins
11 lessons

"Experience a day in a Russian village with Chekhov's 'A Day in the Country'. Journey with Fyokla and Danilka as they discover life's wonders with Terenty."

Punishment in Kindergarten - Kamala Das

2 hrs 4 mins
12 lessons

Experience childhood trauma through Das' poignant poetry. A deep dive into pain, isolation, and eventual self-discovery in 'Punishment in Kindergarten'.

Macbeth - Shakespeare

1 hr 47 mins
10 lessons

"Unfold ambition, deceit & murder with Macbeth, a Scottish General, as he navigates power dynamics in Shakespeare's compelling tragedy."

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