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Class 7 • Literature

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The Camel's Complaint - Charles E. Carryl

1 hr 54 mins
11 lessons

"The Camel's Complaint" is a humorous nursery rhyme about a camel who laments his lack of luxury compared to other animals. Read on for a good laugh

A Merry Christmas - Louisa May Alcott

3 hrs 34 mins
12 lessons

Discover the heartwarming Christmas scene in Little Women, where the March sisters learn the joy of giving, and embrace the true spirit of the season.

Billy Rabbit to Mary - Eliza Lee Follen

1 hr 56 mins
11 lessons

"Billy Rabbit to Mary" is a delightful poem by Eliza Lee Follen that tells the story of a rabbit's escape from captivity and the joys of freedom.

The Postmaster - Rabindranath Tagore

3 hrs 38 mins
13 lessons

Explore Tagore's "The Postmaster," a touching tale of friendship transcending age and class, as an orphan girl and a city man find solace in each other. Class 7, The English Channel

Lochinvar - Sir Walter Scott

2 hrs 21 mins
12 lessons

"Lochinvar" by Sir Walter Scott is a romantic ballad about a daring knight who rescues his beloved. Explore the themes of love, bravery and chivalry. Class 7, The English Channel

It All Began with Drip-Drip - Alka Shankar

2 hrs 22 mins
12 lessons

Discover a tale of bravery & wit in Alka Shankar's story about a potter who accidentally catches a tiger & defeats an army, teaching life lessons. Class 7, The English Channel

The Seven Ages of man - William Shakespeare

2 hrs 53 mins
13 lessons

"The Seven Ages" by William Shakespeare describes the stages of human life from infancy to old age. Explore the seven ages of man in this famous poem. Class 7, The English Channel

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