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Class 7 • Literature

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A Pirate story (Unit 1) Section A - Robert Louis Stevenson

1 hr 28 mins
11 lessons

"? Join us on an adventurous journey at sea with pirates in this whimsical poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. Escape the charging cattle and explore exotic destinations! ?‍☠️? #poetry #adventure"

The Adventure of the Mason (Unit 1) Section B - Washinton Irving

1 hr 46 mins
10 lessons

"The Stone Mason" by Washington Irving is a captivating short story about a poor mason's encounter with a mysterious stranger and his stroke of luck.

A Ship on fire at sea (Unit 1) Section C - Jean Ingelow

2 hrs 24 mins
10 lessons

In this chapter, a ship on fire at sea creates chaos as the narrator fears for her brother's safety. Will any survivors be found? Read to find out.

The Brook (Unit 2) Section A - Lord Alfred tennyson

2 hrs 28 mins
12 lessons

Discover the beauty and majesty of nature in Lord Alfred Tennyson's poem "The Brook." Follow its winding journey through hills and valleys, and see the world through its sparkling waters.

Ranikhet's Gift (Unit 2) Section B - Rudrani Ghost

1 hr 52 mins
9 lessons

Discover the beauty and splendour of nature through the author's vivid descriptions of the monsoons in Ranikhet. Experience the contrasts and awe-inspiring moments in this captivating chapter.

Tippitty, the flying squirrel (Unit 2) Section C - Charles H. Donald

2 hrs 5 mins
10 lessons

In "Tippity the Flying Squirrel", Charles H. Donald shares his experiences with his beloved pet. Learn about Tippity's quirks and adventures.

The Stolen Bacillus (Unit 3) Section B - Herbert George Wells

2 hrs 3 mins
10 lessons

The Stolen Bacillus" by HG Wells is a thrilling short story that follows the exploits of a bacteriologist who unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events that could spell disaster for humanity. With its expertly crafted plot and vivid descriptions, this classic tale is a must-read for anyone interested in science fiction and suspense.

The Shadow and the Flash (Unit 3) Section C - Jack London

2 hrs 12 mins
9 lessons

Discover Jack London's tale of rivalry between two scientists seeking invisibility through absolute black & transparency in "The Shadow & the Flash."

A Nation's Strength (Unit 4) Section A - William Ralph Emerson

2 hrs 19 mins
11 lessons

Discover the timeless poem 'A Nation's Strength' by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Class 8, The English Channel CB and be inspired by its powerful message of resilience, unity, and courage. Get summaries, themes, plots, poetic devices, notes, quizzes and much more on 'A Nation's Strength' & feel the strength of your own spirit rise!

The Lama (Unit 4) Section B - Deepa Agarwal

1 hr 44 mins
8 lessons

Explore Debu's thrilling adventure in Tibet as he visits a monastery, encounters a young Lama, and faces a mysterious nighttime attacker.

When the Fish Laughed (Unit 4) Section C

2 hrs 13 mins
8 lessons

Discover a tale of intrigue as a fish's laughter leads to a mystery at the Queen's palace. Follow Amir and Shivani as they unravel the truth.?

A House with the Grey Gate (Unit 5) Section A - Tabish Khair

1 hr 17 mins
9 lessons

"Explore the themes of aging, loneliness, and resilience in Tabish Khair's poem 'House with the Grey Gate.' Discover the poignant story of an old couple waiting for someone."

A Report on Cleanliness (Unit 5) Section B - Rachna Chhabria

1 hr 50 mins
7 lessons

Discover the importance of cleanliness in schools and communities, learn about inspiring initiatives, and understand the impact on health and well-being.

What Katy Did (Unit 5) Section C - Susan Coolidge

2 hrs 5 mins
10 lessons

Discover Katy's journey to overcome despondency after an accident, learning valuable life lessons from Cousin Helen in this heartwarming chapter.

The Charge of the light Brigade (unit 6) Section A - Lord Alfred Tennyson

1 hr 18 mins
10 lessons

"Charge of the Light Brigade" by Lord Alfred Tennyson is a famous poem about the Battle of Balaclava. Explore the courage and tragedy of the British cavalry charge.

Instead of the war drums (Unit 6) Section B

1 hr 42 mins
7 lessons

Discover the transformation of Emperor Ashoka from a fierce warrior to a compassionate leader, embracing Buddhism and promoting peace & tolerance.

Indian Weavers (Unit 7) Section A - Sarojini Naidu

1 hr 15 mins
10 lessons

Explore "Indian Weavers" by Sarojini Naidu, a poignant poem reflecting on life's stages through the weavers' craft, rich in cultural symbolism.

Leading the Way (Unit 7) Section B

2 hrs 15 mins
8 lessons

Discover the inspiring stories of Elizabeth Blackwell, Emmeline Pankhurst, and Amelia Earhart, who broke barriers and achieved success in their fields.

The Chocolate Cream Soldier (Unit 7) Section C - George Bernard Shaw

1 hr 32 mins
9 lessons

Discover the witty and thought-provoking world of G.B. Shaw's "The Chocolate Cream Soldier." Follow the adventures of unlikely heroes in this comedic play.

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