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Class 7 • Literature

Other Books

The Secret of Seaview Cottage - Arthur Groom

2 hrs 32 mins
11 lessons

"Dive into adventure with the Kestrel sea-scouts in Arthur Groom's 'Secret of Seaview Cottage.' Mystery, treasure, smugglers await! Read now!"

Cat - Eleanor Farjeon

2 hrs 31 mins
12 lessons

"Read 'Cat' by Eleanor Farjeon, a delightful and playful poem about a mischievous cat. Explore the fun and lyrical language in this classic work."

The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

2 hrs 29 mins
11 lessons

"Explore Longfellow's lyrical poetry in 'The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls.' Discover themes of nature, time, and the ephemeral human life."

Nicolas Nye - Walter De La Mare

2 hrs 25 mins
12 lessons

Discover the enchanting world of Nicholas Nye in Walter De La Mare's poem. Explore themes of nature, solitude, and resilience in this timeless piece.

My Big Brother - Munshi Premchand

4 hrs 28 mins
11 lessons

Explore an engaging portrayal of brotherly bonds and life lessons, set in an Indian hostel, penned by renowned author Munshi Premchand.

A Little Princess - Francis Hodgson Burnett

2 hrs 58 mins
11 lessons

"Sara's 11th birthday at Miss Minchin's seminary reveals surprising secrets & changes Sara's life forever in A Little Princess."

An Ode to the Rain - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

3 hrs 13 mins
12 lessons

"Experience Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 'Ode to the Rain'. Explore the poet's plea to rain amid darkness, and his appreciation of its distinct presence."

English is Tough - Gerald Noël St Trenité

3 hrs 21 mins
11 lessons

Explore the complexities of English pronunciation with this clever, fun-filled poem by Gerald Nolst Trenité. Perfect for language learners.

The Valley of Spiders - H.G. Wells

2 hrs 39 mins
11 lessons

"An intense pursuit in a desolate valley filled with mysterious, spider-bearing globes. Discover the uncertain fate of three horsemen in H.G. Wells' story."

The Yellow Face - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

2 hrs 15 mins
9 lessons

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson investigate a mysterious case involving a suspicious cottage, a strange face, and a husband's concern about his wife's secretive behavior.

The Power of Music - Sukumar Ray

2 hrs 30 mins
12 lessons

"Explore Sukumar Ray's satirical portrayal of the power of music in his engaging poem, as Bhisma Lochan's singing evokes chaos and eventually silence."

Bees - Reginald Gamble

4 hrs 3 mins
11 lessons

Learn about the role and behaviour of different types of bees, the process of honey-making, and beekeeping practices in the British Isles.

Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens

3 hrs 36 mins
13 lessons

"Experience Oliver Twist's struggle in a workhouse, his ninth birthday in a coal-cellar, and the shocking request for more food that astonishes the board."

The Beggar and the King - Winthrop Parkhurst

4 hrs 4 mins
11 lessons

Explore "The Beggar and the King," a compelling one-act play by Winthrop Parkhurst. It poignantly portrays power abuse and social disparities.

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