Class 7 • Literature

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Three Questions - Leo Tolstoy

5 hrs 17 mins
14 lessons

Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy, Class 7, Honeycomb, is an introspective lesson that forces one's perspective onto his nearest surroundings and people. Get the summaries, videos, notes, and quizzes of Three Questions and find out more about how the king found the answers to his three questions.

The Squirrel - Mildred Bowers

45 mins
10 lessons

"Explore 'The Squirrel', a delightful children's poem by Mildred Bowers Armstrong. Experience fun, playful imagery with every line. A treasure for teaching language arts."

The Rebel - D. J. Enright

1 hr 29 mins
10 lessons

Discover "The Rebel" poem by D.J. Enright, exploring the non-conformist attitude towards societal norms. Read this witty and thought-provoking poem now.

Gopal and Hilsa Fish

1 hr 42 mins
10 lessons

In this chapter, Gopal accepts a challenge to silence everyone's obsession with Hilsa fish. Will he succeed? Find out in this humorous tale!

The Shed - Frank Flynn

1 hr 51 mins
12 lessons

"This intriguing poem explores childhood bravery & intrigue revolving around a mysterious garden shed, hinting at sibling rivalry and imagination."

Chivvy - Michael Rosen

53 mins
9 lessons

"Explore Micheal R's 'Chivvy,' a thought-provoking poem reflecting on the pressures of societal norms imposed on children by adults. Ideal for deep reflection."

Trees - Shirley Bauer

50 mins
9 lessons

Explore Shirley Bauer's delightful ode to trees in her poem. She weaves vivid images of childhood, nature, and the changing seasons. Perfect read for nature lovers.

Mystery of the talking fan - Maude Rubin

17 mins
5 lessons

"Discover the whimsical world of Maude Rubin's 'Mystery of the Talking Fan', a delightful poem about a chatterbox fan whose secret gets silenced."

Dad and the cat and the tree - Kit Wright

1 hr 13 mins
8 lessons

"Dad and the Cat and the Tree" is a humorous poem by Kit Wright. Experience a cat's rescue saga that turns disastrous for an overconfident Dad.

Garden Snake - Muriel L Sonne

46 mins
9 lessons

Discover the beauty of nature in this charming poem as a child learns to appreciate and understand the harmless wonders of a garden snake.

Meadow Surprises - Lois Brandt Philips

51 mins
9 lessons

Experience the magic of nature through Lois Brandt Philips' poem, Meadow Surprises. Explore meadows filled with butterflies, rabbits, and much more.

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