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Class 6 • Literature

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A night-rain in summer - James Leigh Hunt

1 hr 8 mins
10 lessons

" A Night Rain in Summer" by James Leigh Hunt celebrates the beauty of rain and natural rest. Read on to experience the sweet might of rain's breath.

Bribes, the Stomach Ache Cure!

1 hr 59 mins
10 lessons

In "Bribes, the Stomach Ache Cure!" Hemant overindulges in food, making unrealistic promises to the Mother Goddess. Will he learn his lesson? Read on!

Stars - Sara Teasdale

1 hr 16 mins
11 lessons

"Stars" by Sara Teasdale is a beautiful poem that describes the author's awe-inspiring experience while gazing up at the stars on a dark night.

The Skipping Shoes - Louisa May Alcott

1 hr 55 mins
11 lessons

"The Skipping Shoes" by Louisa May Alcott is a charming story about a girl who learns the power of responsibility and adventure with the help of magical shoes.

Olive and the Bees - Claire Osterstock

1 hr 57 mins
9 lessons

"Olive and the Bees" is a story about a young girl's fascination with bees, and the painful lesson she learns about their behavior. Read more here.

Cross patch - George Ansell

2 hrs 50 mins
14 lessons

Class 6, The English Channel, Cross Patch by George Ansell Enjoy the moral lesson in the classic children's poem "Cross Patch"! Read about the selfish man who learned to share and give to his neighbors in need.

Jacky and the bear - Stephen Crane

2 hrs 0 mins
10 lessons

Join Jacky in a thrilling campfire tale as he encounters a wild bear while camping alone & turns a terrifying situation into an amusing adventure.

Alice at the Caucus race - Lewis Caroll

1 hr 48 mins
11 lessons

Join Alice in her peculiar adventures as she partakes in a bizarre Caucus Race and learns life lessons in Lewis Carroll's classic tale.

You and I - C. J. Dennis

1 hr 41 mins
10 lessons

Dive into C.J. Dennis' delightful poem, exploring adventures with vivid imagery, humor, and a nod to keeping our feet on the ground. A classic treasure!

Puss in boots - Charles Perrault

1 hr 46 mins
10 lessons

Discover Puss in Boots, a captivating fairy tale by Charles Perrault, where a clever cat helps his master, the Marquis of Carabas, achieve wealth and win a princess!

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