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Class 6 • Literature

Other Books

The Bull Called Delightful - Fable

3 hrs 2 mins
13 lessons

Discover the tale of Delightful, a strong bull who teaches his master a valuable lesson in humility, showcasing the power of respect and kind words over harsh criticism.

The Selfish Goblin - R.L. Stevenson

2 hrs 9 mins
13 lessons

Discover 'The Selfish Goblin' by RL Stevenson, a captivating poem about a cunning goblin's encounter with a kind fairy, and the consequences of his selfish choices.

Animal Farm - George Orwell

2 hrs 24 mins
11 lessons

Join the animals at Manor Farm as they eagerly gather to hear old Major's mysterious dream, igniting an uproar that leads to chaos and unrest in George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Winter Time - Robert Louis Stevenson

2 hrs 8 mins
13 lessons

Explore Robert Hayden's heartfelt poem, "Those Winter Sundays," depicting a father's unthanked sacrifices and love's austere offerings, in this touching literary piece.

Malgudi Days - R. K. Narayan

1 hr 48 mins
12 lessons

In R.K. Narayan's Malgudi Days, Ishwaran fearfully awaits his exam results, finding solace in films and unexpected success. Experience his journey in this heartfelt tale.

Unique Unison: Man & Nature

1 hr 41 mins
9 lessons

Discover the story of Kollugudipatti, a Tamil Nadu village committed to protecting migratory birds and their nests with unique customs and a silent Deepavali celebration.

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