The English Channel

Class 5 • Literature

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Memories of a visit

3 hrs 32 mins
12 lessons

"Discover the beauty and charm of France's countryside, from the rolling hills of Normandy to the picturesque villages of Provence. Learn about the region's rich history, culture, and cuisine, and get tips for planning your own trip to this captivating destination."

The Long Way Home - C. J. Dennis

1 hr 50 mins
12 lessons

"The Long Way Home" - A charming poem about a child's adventurous journey home, filled with nature's wonders and curiosity. Discover the joys of childhood independence and the beauty of exploration"

The Half Built House

3 hrs 5 mins
12 lessons

Explore 'The Half-built House', an intriguing chapter unveiling a journey filled with suspense, hidden secrets and life lessons in a mysterious unfinished home.

The Puppy - Oliver Herford

1 hr 43 mins
12 lessons

Discover the delightful poem 'The Puppy' by Oliver Herford. Join the playful journey of a mischievous pup with a funny walk and a heart full of joy.

A Pod of my own

1 hr 30 mins
9 lessons

Experience the futuristic and eco-friendly ULTra Pods on a trip to London. From their sleek design to efficient travel, discover the future of transport.

Adventure with Dilly

3 hrs 4 mins
12 lessons

Embark on an unforgettable adventure as a family discovers the joy of swimming with dolphins in the Andaman Islands. Dive into the action now! #AdventureWithDilly?

From a railway carriage - R. L. Stevenson

2 hrs 28 mins
12 lessons

Experience the thrill of a train journey with Robert Louis Stevenson's timeless poem 'From a Railway Carriage' – a vivid & captivating ride into the countryside.

The Mango Story

1 hr 32 mins
10 lessons

Discover the hilarious tale of Gopal and his servant, who get tangled up in a mango mishap. Learn the importance of honesty and avoiding lies in this entertaining story.

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