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Class 5 • Literature

Other Books

Patriotism - Ramendra Kumar

2 hrs 56 mins
11 lessons

Learn the meaning of patriotism and the importance of service and sacrifice through a heart-warming story of a doctor who returned to India to serve his country.

Homesickness - Roald Dahl

3 hrs 10 mins
13 lessons

Learn about homesickness through the story of a boy who made excuses to leave boarding school. Discover how to cope with this common feeling in this relatable tale.

Bravo! Amir Agha - Khaled Hosseini

2 hrs 42 mins
12 lessons

In this chapter from "The Kite Runner," two boys build a friendship through kite flying. Intense competition leads to a thrilling showdown in the sky.

The brave little kite - Katharine Pyle

2 hrs 17 mins
12 lessons

"The Brave Little Kite" by Katharine Pyle is a poem about courage and perseverance, teaching valuable lessons to young readers in an accessible way.

Can you make an App? - Ranaditya Baruah

3 hrs 29 mins
11 lessons

Learn about the basics of coding, different coding languages like Scratch, Snap, Python, and HTML, and why coding has become important in today's world.

Underground - James Reeves

2 hrs 20 mins
12 lessons

"Discover the hidden world beneath our feet in 'Underground' by James Reeves. Explore the creatures, soil, and rocks that make up this mysterious realm."

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