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Class 5 • Literature

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How Wisdom got out

51 mins
6 lessons

Discover the whimsical tale of 'How Wisdom Got Out' ?? Follow Anansi's quest to protect his wisdom in this insightful fable. #Wisdom #AnansiStory

Clever Somu

1 hr 6 mins
8 lessons

"Experience Subbu's struggles with his neighbour's son, Muthu, and how his clever son, Somu, puts an end to it. A witty, heartwarming tale set in Pondicherry."

The Wrong House

54 mins
6 lessons

"Unexpected twist in a burglary! ? Two thieves target the wrong house, leading to an encounter with the Chief of Police. Intrigue unfolds in this gripping tale."

The Honeyguide's revenge

58 mins
6 lessons

In this Zulu folklore, a greedy man ignores the Honey Guide, leading to a disastrous encounter. Learn the importance of sharing in this captivating tale.?

School Breaks up - R. K. Narayan

1 hr 52 mins
10 lessons

"?? The last day of exams brings mixed feelings for Swaminathan. Find out how he and his friends celebrate as school breaks up in this hilarious novel ?? #SchoolBreaksUp #RKNarayan"

Good Morning, Dear Students - Kenn Nesbitt

1 hr 9 mins
11 lessons

Start your day with a whimsical poem! "Good Morning, Dear Students" invites you to imagine a world where school is all fun and games. Dive into this playful April Fools' Day surprise.

Sumatran Tiger

51 mins
6 lessons

Discover the endangered Sumatran tiger in this powerful poem. Learn about its fight for survival in the shrinking forests of Sumatra. ?SaveTheTiger

Ani's Key

1 hr 15 mins
8 lessons

Discover how Ani overcomes challenges with creativity in "Ani's Key." A heartwarming story of finding treasure in unexpected places.

The recycling Rap - John Foster

1 hr 0 mins
9 lessons

John Foster's 'Recycling Rap' is an engaging call-to-action poem emphasizing the importance of recycling for future generations. Capture eco-awareness!

A Letter to J. R. D. Tata - Sudha Morthy

1 hr 15 mins
9 lessons

In this inspiring chapter, a young girl challenges gender discrimination at a corporate giant, J.R.D. Tata's compassion changes her life forever.?

Turn off the TV - Bruce Lansky

45 mins
9 lessons

"Experience the humor and irony in this engaging poem about a child's love for TV and the parents' constant urge for studies. A must-read!"

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