New Broadway (Literature)

Class 5 • Literature

Other Books

Growing - Tony Mitton

1 hr 55 mins
13 lessons

Experience the beauty of growth and transformation in Tony Mitton's poetic masterpiece 'Growing'. A journey of nature's wonders and personal evolution.

George and Ranji - Ruskin Bond

2 hrs 13 mins
12 lessons

Experience an unpredictable journey with a cricket-fanatic escapee. Dive into laugh-filled chaos of George's peculiar antics posing as Ranji.

travel - Edna St. Vincent Millay

1 hr 59 mins
12 lessons

"Experience the longing for adventure in Edna St. Vincent Millay's 'Travel'. Explore themes of wanderlust, friendship, and freedom in this lyrical 20th-century poem."

Abou Ben Adhem - James Leigh Hunt

2 hrs 45 mins
13 lessons

"Explore 'Abou Ben Adhem,' a touching poem by Leigh Hunt that beautifully portrays divine love & compassion. An unforgettable poetic journey that resonates with readers."

Goodbye Mr. Chips - James Hilton

1 hr 39 mins
11 lessons

Discover this chapter of "Goodbye, Mr Chips", witnessing the serene retirement life of a beloved schoolmaster, Mr Chips, and his cherished memories.

Hamaguchi Gohei - Kylie Tennant

2 hrs 16 mins
12 lessons

Experience the bravery and sacrifice of Hamaguchi Gohei as he saves his village from a natural disaster in this heartwarming and heroic chapter.

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