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Class 5 • Literature

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Monacella and her Little Lambs - Celia Obrist

2 hrs 48 mins
12 lessons

Discover the heartwarming tale of Monacella, a kind and gentle princess who finds refuge in a valley, where she becomes the beloved protector of wild animals and a cherished friend to the people who live there. Read Monacella and her Little Lambs now!

The Snare - James Stephens

1 hr 31 mins
12 lessons

Discover James Stephens' "The Snare," a poignant poem exploring themes of empathy, nature, and the impact of human interference on the environment.

Legs and Eyes

2 hrs 36 mins
12 lessons

Discover the enchanting tale of the millipede's many legs and the cobra's eyes in this whimsical folklore-inspired story. Dive into nature's wonder!

Upside Down

1 hr 11 mins
11 lessons

"Discover the wonders of nature's adaptability in the humorous poem 'Upside Down'. Explore the contrast between beetles' agility and human limitations."

Herman Hollerith

2 hrs 20 mins
12 lessons

Learn about Herman Hollerith, the inventor of the punch-card information processing machine that revolutionized the computer industry. Discover his life and legacy.

A Successful Ghost

3 hrs 3 mins
12 lessons

Discover the mischievous antics of twins and their encounter with a boastful uncle in "A Successful Ghost!" Mystery and pranks unfold in this intriguing chapter.

The Late Express

1 hr 19 mins
11 lessons

"Discover the haunting tale of Willie Watson, a train driver who meets a tragic fate. Explore the ghostly journey of 'The Late Express' in this captivating poem."

The Magic Bat

2 hrs 36 mins
11 lessons

"Discover the tale of Rohit, a young cricketer who finds confidence and magic in unexpected places. A heartwarming story of belief and triumph."

To the South Pole

2 hrs 25 mins
11 lessons

Explore Col. J.K. Bajaj's thrilling journey to the South Pole as part of an international expedition, overcoming challenges and discovering Antarctica.

White Fields - James Stephens

1 hr 52 mins
12 lessons

"Explore James Stephens' winter wonderland in this captivating poem. Feel the crisp snow underfoot and marvel at the magical silver filigree."

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