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The Picture-Book Giant - Evaleen Stein

1 hr 21 mins
8 lessons

Experience the adventure of a paper giant?? from a picture-book?. He defies humdrum life, only to learn a funny lesson?. Exciting read for any child?!

Tall and Short

1 hr 10 mins
7 lessons

Join the fun adventure with Carmila ? and Gargi ?! Find out who wins in their playful contest - tall or short on the farm! ??? Perfect for kids! ??

The Apple Tree - Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

1 hr 5 mins
7 lessons

Enjoy Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson's charming poem 'The Apple Tree.' Explore a tale of nature's resilience, chronicling changes from spring buds to summer fruit.

What Misha Heard

1 hr 2 mins
7 lessons

?? Join Misha's adventure as she misinterprets her cousin's words and learns a funny lesson! Full of ?, ❤️ and a very ? parrot! ??

One Stormy Night

56 mins
6 lessons

"Meet two quarreling kittens on a stormy night. Will they learn to share and find warmth? Read this exciting poem to find out!"

The Tiger's Trick - 1 - Flora Annie Steel

1 hr 32 mins
6 lessons

Caught in a trap, a tiger tricked a villager into freeing it, leading to a tale of wisdom and deceit. A fable full of lessons from nature's creatures.

Laughing Song - William Blake

1 hr 30 mins
8 lessons

Discover joy with William Blake's ? 'Laughing Song'! Explore the giggling green woods ? merry meadows, chirpy birds ? and feel the happiness around! ? Perfect for kids who love nature! ??

The Tiger's Trick - 2 - Flora Annie Steel

2 hrs 9 mins
8 lessons

Experience a clever twist in this playful tale about a tiger, a jackal, and a villager. The jackal employs wit and humor, teaching the greedy tiger a lesson.

A Studious Elf - Chatterbox

1 hr 22 mins
7 lessons

Explore the tale of a studious Elf in Fairy-land who prefers studying over mischief. An unusual character, showing the charming, intellectual side of mythical creatures.

Trouble in Ratmore Town - An Aesop's Fable

2 hrs 7 mins
8 lessons

"? Embark on a fun adventure with Ronny, the crafty rat, as he plans to save Ratmore Town from Terry, the Tyrant cat! ?? #KidsStory ?"

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