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Why Why

I know a curious little boy Who is always asking, ‘Why?’ Why this, why that, why then, why now, Why not, why by and by? He wants to know why wood should float Why lead and marbles sink; Why stars should shine and winds should blow And why we eat and drink. a. Name the poem. b. Why has the poet been called curious? c. What question does the boy ask?
a. The name of the poem is ‘Why’. b. The boy has been called curious as he is always asking questions about everything around him. c. The by asks the reason for the floating of the wood, the sinking of lead and marbles, shining of the stars, blowing of the wind or the reasons as to why we eat or drink.
He wants to know, what makes the clouds, And why they cross the sky; Why the sun sinks behind the hills, Any why the flowers die. He wants to know why wind should come From out the bellows’ nose; Why pop guns should go pop, and why The ocean ebbs and flows. a. What does the boy want to know about clouds? b. What else does the boy want to know about sun and flowers? c. What are bellows? How has it been described? d. What does ocean do?
He wants to know why fish have gills, And why boys cannot fly; Why steam comes from the kettle’s spout, And rain falls from the sky. He wants to know why coal should burn, And not a bit of stone; How seeds get in the apple core, And marrow in the bone. a. What does the boy want to know about fish? b. What all doubts does the boy have? c. Which questions seemed to show the boy’s curiosity?
He wants to know why ice should melt, Why spiders eat the flies; Why bees should sting; and why the yeast Should make the bread dough rise. Some of his whys are not too hard To answer, if you’ll try; But other no one ever yet Has found the reason why. a. What else does the boy question? b. Are all his questions easy?

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