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The Third Level The Third Level

Do you see an intersection of time and space in the story ‘the Third Level’?
The story brings forth very vividly the concept of time travel. Charley while wandering in the Grand Central Station manages to reach to 1894 through a portal and even comes back. The clear intersection is seen when Sam writes a letter and is able to establish contact with Charley in 20th century when he himself is in Galesburg, Illinois in 1894.
How did the psychiatrist explain Charley’s flight to the non-existent ‘third level’?
‘Yes, I’ve taken the obvious step.’ Why does Charley term meeting the psychiatrist as ‘an obvious step’?
Why did the psychiatrist analyse make Louisa lose her temper and how did the psychiatrist appease her?
Stamp collection too was described as a medium of escape by the psychiatrist and Charley’s friends. Why did Charley’s grandfather, who lived in the good old days, when life was tension free, pursue this hobby?
What was Charley’s state of mind as he came back from the office? Why did he decide to take the subway from the Grand Central Station?
How did Charley reach the third level?
What does ‘the third level’ symbolize?
What does Grand Central Station symbolize?
‘Now I don’t know why this should have happened to me’. Charley wondered why out of the whole tension ridden world, he alone took a flight to the ‘third level’ why do you think, it happened to him?
What does Charley compare Grand Central Station to? Why?
Why did Charley not tell his psychiatrist friend what he thought of Grand Central Station?
Give a description of the ‘third level’?
What sort of dresses and appearances did Charley come across on the third level?
If the third level was just a product of Charley’s imagination, why wasn’t it rosier than reality?
How did Charley confirm the specific date of the era that he had passed into?
Why did Charley run back from the third level?
My three hundred dollars bought less than two hundred in old-style bills, but I didn't care.' Bring out the significance of these lines.
Why could Charley not reach the third level again '?
Why did Louisa stop Charley from looking for the third level '?
What do you understand by a first-day cover '?
Why was Sam attracted towards Galesburg '?
How did Charley come to know that Sam had found the third level '?
How did Sam like life in Galesburg '?
Why did Sam buy eight hundred dollars of old-style currency? What did he think of this bargain '?
Why does Charley say, ‘he (Sam) certainly can’t go back to his old business’?
What difference did Charlie observe at the 3rd level of the Grand Central?
“Hobbies provide a refuge from reality from our otherwise humdrum lives”. In the light of the lesson elaborate the above statement.
Charlie is so engrossed with fiction that he loses touch with reality. Do you agree? Give reasons.
In our lives we have to strike a balance between flights of fancy and practically. Discuss the statement with references to the lesson the Third Level.
What do you infer from Sam’s letter to Charley?

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