The Enemy The Enemy

Who was Dr. Sadao? Where was his house situated?
Dr. Sadao was a Japanese surgeon who had taken his training in America. He was also a scientist who was discovering a cure to wipe out wounds all the more neatly. He lived on a stone houses set upon rocks above a narrow beach that was outlined with bent pipes.
Give two reasons why Dr. Sadao was not sent abroad with the Japanese troops?
Sadao ‘had waited to fall in love with her (Hana), until he was sure she was Japanese.’ Why did he do so?
Sometimes little things in life become very vital. How would you justify it from the chance first meeting of Sadao and Hana?
Who was the ‘misty figure’ that had been washed ashore in front of Dr. Sadao’s beach house? How did the doctor and his wife establish his identity?
Why did blood start flowing out of the wounded man as soon as Sadao touched the wound with his fingers?
How and why did Dr. Sadao stop the bleeding of the injured man on the beach? What dilemma did Dr. Sadao and his wife have to face soon after?
What makes Hana comment, “We must think of the children and your position”?
What makes Dr. Sadao comment, “This man have extraordinary vitality”?
Why do you think Hana believes that the man (the American POW) is a ‘menace, living or dead’?
How did the old Gardener react when Sadao told him about the wounded American sailor?
“Could it ever be well to help an enemy?” what does your reading of the story ‘The Enemy’ tell you?
How did Hana wash the wounded man? Why did she have to do it herself?
Hana had never ever seen an operation before? How did she feel when she saw Sadao probing the soldier’s wound?
“This man…. There is no reason under heaven, why he should live.” Why does Dr. Sadao make this statement about the American prisoner of war?
What reason would you describe to the general beating his wife?
What did Hana think when she saw the scars on the American'? Why did she think so '?
Do you agree with the observation of the American professor, "Ignorance of the human body is the surgeon's cardinal sin" '?
Why does Dr Sadao mutter the words 'My friend' while treating the American prisoner of war'? What is ironical about his words '?
How do the servants react to the decision of Sadaos to keel' the American prisoner of war in their house'?
Give details of the two things that happened on the seventh day after the wounded American was brought into the house by Sadaos.
Why did a messenger come to call Sadao? What did Hana think about the visit of the messenger?
Why does the General not want to be treated by a doctor trained in Germany?
How did the General offer to help Sadao get rid of the American?
What is an absolute state? Why was it necessary for the rulers to keep assassins?
After recovering when the American prisoner asks the doctor, "What are you going to do with me?” do you think the doctor's answer was any consolation for him?
Why do the domestic servants of the Sadaos strongly react to the American's presence in the house?
After the General's assurance of getting the American prisoner slain, the doctor should have felt relieved, but he spends sleepless nights. How do you account for his behaviour?
Why was Sadao not able to talk to the General about the assassins for quite some time?
Why did Sadao feel that the General was in the palm of his hand?
Dr. Sadao was torn between patriotism and the Hippocratic Oath that a doctor takes. How did he resolve the conflict?
Give an account of the effort made by Dr. Sadao and Hana to save the life of injured man.
Discuss the reaction of the servants to the arrival and departure of an American in the house?
‘Prejudice are obstacles in interaction among human beings’. In the light of the lesson discuss the statement.
Without his wife’s help Sadao wouldn’t have been able to save the injured man. Do you agree? Give reasoned answer.

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