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Lost Spring Lost Spring

Where does the narrator Anees Jung encounter Saheb every morning?
Anees Jung encounters Saheb every morning near the bin. He is generally searching through the trash so as to find anything which can be of value and that is what is being referred to as gold by the author. Being a ragpicker he tries to find money in the bin or anything that can be of value to him.
Give an account of the background of Saheb and the army of barefoot
Why is the narrator embarrassed at having made 'a promise that was not meant'?
Saheb's full name is "Saheb-e-Alam". Isn't it ironical? Justify your answer.
Saheb and other ragpickers of his age don't wear shoes or 'chappals'. What explanations does the author give for this? Which one of these you show your agreement with?
Describe the contrast that Anees Jung brings out between Sabeb and the son of the priest.
Seemapuri is 'a place on the periphery of Delhi yet miles away from it, metaphorically'. Justify this statement describing the colony or settlement of ragpickers.
Describe the miserable condition of the ragpickers of Seemapuri.
Survival in Seemapuri means rag-picking'. Elucidate.
Through the years rag-picking has acquired the 'proportions of a fine art' in Seemapuri. Justify the statement.
Garbage rag-picking means something for parents and the other, quite different, for their children. How? Explain.
How did Saheb get a pair of shoes?
For Saheb, ‘even shoes with a hole' is a dream come true. Explain the statement.
Why did Saheb appear to have lost the carefree look even after getting a job in a tea stall?
Describe Mukesh and his background.
Describe the fate of 20,000 child workers who work in the bangle-industry of Firozabad in most hazardous conditions.
What has Mukesh's father achieved after years of hard labour?
It is his karam, his destiny", says Mukesh's grandmother. Why can't they break their “God-given lineage"?
Does young Savita know the sanctity of bangles she helps make? Explain their sanctity for married women.
Little has moved with time in Firozabad', says Anees Jung. Why does she say so?
Why don't the bangle-makers of Firozabad organise themselves into a cooperative?
“I see two distinct worlds." says Anees Jung. Draw a contrast between the two.
Justify the title 'Lost Spring'.
Why should child labour be eliminated and how?
The Lesson "Lost spring vividly depicts the lives of street children. Discuss.
Mukesh is a street child, which traits of Mukesh appeal to you most? Why?
‘The beauty of the bangles of Firozabad is in direct contrast to the life of the people who make them'. Elaborate."
Survival in Seemapuri means rag picking". Give a brief account of the life and activities of squatters from Bangladesh settled in Seemapuri.
Banning of child labour is not the only solution. Do you agree? Give reasons and also suggest what should be done to improve their lot?
How different is the attitude of Mukesh from that of Saheb?
Though the government has enacted Right to education and abolished child labour, yet the story of the underprivileged children stays on the same path. Discuss (Lost Spring).
“Persevere and conquer fear; if you do so success is yours”. Discuss.

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