The Tale of Melon City The Tale of Melon City

What proclamation did the king make?
The king proclaimed the construction of the arch on the main passage of the city. He wanted to sermonize his people from that arch so he wanted it to be constructed low so as to be audible to his people and raise their moral standard.
What bitter experience did the king had after the arch was constructed? How did he react?
What was the reaction of the King when his crown was knocked off?
What explanation did the workmen give to the King?
What was the reaction of the King when he heard the reason given by the architect?
What was the advice of the wisest man to the King about the issue?
What did the King do when he apprehended the mood of his people?
Whom did the noose ultimately fit?
What proclamation did the ministers make after the death of their King?
In the end who was put on the throne and why?
Why has the King been described as 'just and placid'?
Explain: 'Long live the King! The King is dead '.
Why have the King's men been described as practical men? What is ironical about this description?
How did the Ministers show reverence to a 'melon' after it had been declared the next King of the state?
Why did the King want to postpone consideration of finer points like guilt?
What does the author actually want to say in making an idiot choose a King?
Narrate ‘The Tale of Melon City’ in your own words.
What impression do you form of the state where the king was just and placid?
How according to you can, peace and liberty be maintained in a state?
Suggest a few instances in the poem which highlight humour and irony.
The King's sense of justice is absurd. Explain.

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