Birth Birth

Why did Joe Morgan wait for D. Andrew for more than an hour till midnight?
Joe had great faith in Dr. Andrew’s acumen as a doctor. Morgan wanted to seek his assistance for delivering his first child. The child had been conceived twenty years after their marriage, so it was very precious for him. Hence Joe wanted the skillful surgeon’s presence to deliver his child.
Extremely eager to be a father, why did Joe Morgan choose to stay out till the child was born?
In what state of mind did the doctor enter Morgan’s house?
Describe the atmosphere in Mrs. Morgan’s room when the doctor reached there.
Why did Mrs. Morgan’s mother offer to make the doctor a cup of tea?
What impression do you get about Mrs. Morgan’s mother from the story?
What blunder did the midwife commit?
Why did the doctor decide to stay back till the delivery in spite of there being sufficient waiting period in between?
Explain: “Her meditation had pursued a different course”.
What particular desire of Susan Morgan did the old woman convey to the doctor? Why did Susan express this desire?
What efforts did Dr. Andrew make to resuscitate the child? How did he succeed?
‘For Mercy’s sake, Doctor, it’s stillborn whimpered the midwife’. What made the lady say so?
Why didn’t Dr. Andrew pay heed to the experienced midwife’s insistence that it was a dead child?
What was the impact of the revival of the child on the two women—the midwife and Mrs. Morgan’s mother?
What made Dr. Andrew feel giddy and almost faint after the resuscitation of the child?
How did the child look different after it was resuscitated?
When Dr Andrew entered Mrs. Morgan's room it was neat and clean? What shape did he leave the room in when he moved out after the delivery?
In what state of mind did Dr Andrew leave Mr. Morgan's house after resuscitation of the child?
"I've done something; oh God! I've done something real at last. “Why does Dr. Andrew say so? What does he mean?
What was Joe’s state of mind as he walked up and down for hours together in the street outside awaiting the arrival of his baby?
On his way home Dr. Andrew broke the happy news to Joe in just six words “All right, Joe, both are right”. Why do you think he didn’t give details of the event?
Why did Dr. Andrew give the new born child instinctively to the nurse?
How did Dr. Andrew save Mrs. Morgan’s life?
Why were Andrew's thoughts heavy and muddled as he waited at the Morgan's house?
What dilemma was Dr. Andrew faced with after the birth of the child? How did he handle the situation?
Write a brief character sketch of Dr. Andrew.
Thanks for your congratulatory letter. As you wanted details of the delivery and the revival.
A doctor is expected to keep his cool and remain "in full control of his emotions in the face of death and disease lest his work be affected. Then why did Dr Andrew let a shiver of horror pass over him at the sight of the stillborn child?
There lies a great difference between textbook medicine and the world of a practicing physician. Elaborate.
Discuss the aptness of the title 'Birth '.

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