1000 questions & answers

Given here is the sleeping time of some animals. Write below each picture for how many hours a day that animal sleeps.

What do you think are some of the dangers to tigers in the jungle?

Can human beings also be a threat to animals? How?

Where are other such National Parks in India? Collect information on these and write a report.

Have you noticed that sometimes singers put their hand on their ear when they sing? Why do you think they may be doing this?

Give examples of animals that may have a very strong sense of sight, hearing or smell.

How can ants recognize their group members?

Why do ants move in a direct line?

How do mosquitoes know where humans are?

In what ways do human beings make use of dogs' sense of smell?

Why did Sushila cover her nose when cleaning Deepak's nappy but not when she cleaned her daughter?

What is the difference between animals who can see colours and those who see things in black and white?

How do birds and animals communicate dangers to each other?

What animal spends almost 17 hours a day sleeping while hanging upside down?

What are some dangers to tigers in the jungle?

How is the government protecting animals like tigers, elephants, musk deer from being hunted?

Have you ever seen anyone playing a been? Where?

Have you ever seen a snake? Where?

Were you scared by it? Why?

Do you think all snakes are poisonous?