1000 questions & answers

How did the guard ant recognise this ant?

Drop some sugar, jaggery or anything sweet on the ground. Wait until the ants come there.

1. How long did it take for the ants to come?
2. Did one ant come first or a group of ants came together?
3. What did the ants do with the food?
4. Where do they go from there?
5. Do they move in a line?

Now carefully, without harming the ants, block their path for a while with a pencil. w Now observe, how do the ants move?

In what ways do human beings make use of this special sense of smell of dogs?

When do you find your sense of smell helpful to you? List some examples like – to know by its smell that food has gone bad or that something is burning.

Name the animals that you would be able to recognise only by their smell, without seeing them?

Write the names of five things whose smell you like and five things whose smell you do not like.

I like the smell of

I do not like the smell of

Sushila covered her nose when she cleaned Deepak’s nappy, but not when she cleaned her daughter. Why do
you think she did this?

How do you feel when you walk near a heap of garbage? Think of the children who spend the whole day picking things from such garbage.

Is a smell ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for everyone in the same way? Or does it depend on how each one feels about it?

Write the name of a bird which has eyes in front of its head (like in humans).

Write the names of some birds which have eyes on either side of the head. What is the size of their eyes as compared to the size of their head?

Some birds like kites, eagles, vultures can see four times as far as we can. These birds can see things from a distance of eight metres what we can see from a distance of two metres.

Now can you guess from what distance can an eagle in the sky can see a roti on the ground?

The names of ten animals whose ears can be seen.

The names of some animals whose ears are bigger than our ears

Is there some link between the size of animals’ ears and their hearing?

Can you understand the sounds of some animals? Which animals?

Do some animals understand your language? Which ones?

Have you noticed that during the cold season you cannot see any lizard in the house? Where do you think they have gone?