1000 questions & answers

Explain how the Braille System has been developed to help the visually impaired people to read and write. Discuss its structure, function and importance in detail.

Discuss the role and importance of Vitamin A for maintaining good eye health. Describe what happens when there is a deficiency of this vitamin in our diet.

Provide a detailed explanation of how a periscope functions. What principle does it use for its operation, what is its structure and where is it used?

How do optical aids like bifocal lenses, contact lenses, magnifiers and telescopic aids assist individuals with visual limitations? Give specific examples for each aid and discuss how it improves vision.

Describe the phenomenon of lateral inversion with the help of examples. Also, explain what role it plays in the formation of an image by a plane mirror.

In this 2004 map of Parliamentary constituencies alongside, roughly identify the constituencies in your State. What is the name of the MP from your constituency? How many MPs does your state have? Why are certain constituencies coloured green while others are coloured blue?


You have read in Chapter 1 that the ‘Parliamentary form of government’ that exists in India has three tiers. This includes the Parliament (central government) and the various State Legislatures (state governments).
Fill in the following table with information on the various representatives from your area:

State government

Central government

Which political party/parties is/are
currently in power?

Who (name) is the current
representative from your area?

Which political parties currently
form the Opposition?

When were elections last held?

When will the next elections
be held?

How many women representatives
are there (from your state)?

Re-read the storyboard on how a new law on domestic violence got passed. Describe in your own words the different ways in which women’s groups worked to make this happen.

Explain the role of Parliament in making laws.

How did the freedom movement in India influence the decision-making process in Independent India?

Why is universal adult franchise important in a democracy?

What are the key roles of the Members of Parliament (MPs)?

What is the role of the opposition parties in the Parliament?

Discuss the working of a coalition government. Provide examples from India.

How does the question hour in Parliament help in controlling the executive?

Give an example of a law that was criticized and eventually changed. What process was followed for the change?

What is the significance of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005?

Explain the phrase “Equal Relationships are Violence Free”.

Why is it important for citizens to play an active role post the election of their representatives?

Discuss the concept of ‘domestic violence’ and how its understanding was extended by The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005.