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What causes disturbance within the earth's crust resulting in an earthquake? 

Detail the steps you would take to protect yourself and your household during an earthquake.

Why is it not safe to touch electrical wires, metal pipes and telephone cords during a thunderstorm?

How is the Richter scale used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes?

What measures can be taken to design earthquake-resistant buildings? 

Can you describe the process of earthing and its importance? 

Which areas in India are most prone to earthquakes?

How do the movements of Earth's plates cause earthquakes?

What are seismic waves and how are they recorded?

Why is it beneficial to use light-weight construction materials in seismic zones?

Discuss in detail how the phenomenon of lightning occurs and how it's related to the commonly observed sparks when wires or plugs are loose? Also, explain the preventive measures we need to adopt to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of lightning.

The experiment of the plastic comb getting charged when rubbed with dry hair is a common occurrence during winters. Based on this scenario, can you delve into the concept of 'charging by rubbing' and explain how this phenomenon aligns with the concept of electric charges?

Electric charges play a crucial role in many natural phenomenons, one of which is lightning. Can you infer the process of 'transfer of charges' by demonstrating with the help of any real-time activity? Also, explain the role of earth in the charge transfer process, with an emphasis on 'earthing' and its benefits.

Despite being destructive, thunderstorms and the accompanied lightning are predictable to some extent. However, the same does not apply to earthquakes. Can you elucidate the causes of earthquakes and the seismic waves produced? Also, detail why despite advancements, predicting an earthquake still remains a challenge.

Safety during natural disasters is pivotal. Given this, can you reflect on the precautionary measures we need to implement during thunderstorms and earthquakes to safeguard ourselves? Also, discuss the importance of 'lightning conductor' in the protection against lightning and the concept of 'quake-safe' houses in the regions prone to earthquakes.

Crucial to survival during natural disasters is the build of the infrastructure in hazardous zones. How would you recommend the construction of houses in earthquake-prone areas? Additionally, can you justify the use of certain materials over others in such builds and suggest ways to identify whether a place is located in a seismic zone?

What is the importance of the iris in our eyes?

Describe the laws of reflection.

If an object is not visible in the dark, how is the sense of sight possible?

What are the different types of visual aids that you know of for visually impaired individuals?