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Describe the functions of the gramabhojaka. Why do you think he was powerful?

List the craftspersons who would have been present in both villages and cities.

Punch-marked coins were made of:
1. silver
2. gold
3. tin
4. ivory

Mathura was an important:

1. village
2. port
3. religious centre
4. forested area

Shrenis were associations of:

1. rulers
2. craftspersons
3. farmers
4. herders

Which of the iron tools shown on page 73 would have been important for agriculture? What would the other tools have been used for?

Compare the drainage system in your locality with that of the cities mentioned in the lesson. What similarities and differences do you notice?

If you have seen craftspersons at work, describe in a short paragraph what they do. (Hint: how do they get the raw materials, what kind of equipment do they use, how do they work, what happens to the finished product).

List the functions performed by men and women who live in your city or village. In what ways are these similar to those performed by people who lived in Mathura? In what ways are they different?

List five things that you buy from the market. Which of these are made in the city/village in which you live, and which are brought by traders from other areas?

State whether true or false:
(a) Harishena composed a prashasti in praise of Gautamiputra Shri Satakarni.
(b) The rulers of Aryavarta brought tribute to Samudragupta.
(c) There were twelve rulers in Dakshinapatha.
(d) Taxila and Madurai were important centres under the control of the Gupta rulers.
(e) Aihole was the capital of the Pallavas.
(f) Local assemblies functioned for several centuries in South India.

Mention three authors who wrote about Harshavardhana.

What changes do you find in the army at this time?

What were the new administrative arrangements during this period?

What do you think Arvind would have to do if he was acting as Samudragupta?

Do you think ordinary people would have read and understood the prashastis? Give reasons for your answer.

If you had to make a genealogy for yourself, who are the people you would include in it? How many generations would you like to show? Make a chart and fill it.

How do you think wars affect the lives of ordinary people today?

Match the following


Place where the image of the deity is installed




Circular path around the stupa


Place in temples where people could assemble

Pradakshina patha


Fill in the blanks:
(a) ___________ was a great astronomer.
(b) Stories about gods and goddesses are found in the _______________
(c) ____________ is recognised as the author of the Sanskrit Ramayana.
(d) ___________ and __________are two Tamil epics