1000 questions & answers

Were there any Janapadas in your state? If yes, name them. If not, name the Janapadas that would have been the closest to your state, and mention whether they were to the east, west, north or south.

Find out whether the groups mentioned in answer 3 (Who were the groups who could not participate in the assemblies of the ganas? have voting rights at present.

Describe the ways in which the Buddha tried to spread his message to the people.

Write whether true or false:
(a) The Buddha encouraged animal sacrifices.
(b) Sarnath is important because it was the place where the Buddha taught for the first time.
(c) The Buddha taught that karma has no effect on our lives.
(d) The Buddha attained enlightenment at Bodh Gaya.
(e) Upanishadic thinkers believed that the atman and Brahman were ultimately one.

What were the questions that Upanishadic thinkers wanted to answer?

What were the main teachings of the Mahavira?

Why do you think Anagha’s mother wanted her to know the story of the Buddha?

Do you think it would have been easy for slaves to join the sangha? Give reasons for your answer.

Discuss the reasons why the Chinese pilgrims came to India.

Make a list of at least five ideas and questions mentioned in this lesson. Choose three from the list and discuss why you think they are important even today.

Find out more about men and women who renounce the world today. Where do they live, what kinds of clothes do they wear, what do they eat? Why do they renounce the world?

Make a list of the occupations of the people who lived within the Mauryan empire.

Complete the following sentences:

(a) Officials collected __________ from the area under the direct control of the ruler
(b) Royal princes often went to the provinces as ______________.
(c) The Mauryan rulers tried to control _____________ and ______________ which were important for transport.(d) ) People in forested regions provided the Mauryan officials with ____________.

State whether true or false:

(a) Ujjain was the gateway to the north-west.
(b) Chandragupta’s ideas were written down in the Arthashastra.
(c) Kalinga was the ancient name of Bengal.
(d) Most Ashokan inscriptions are in the Brahmi script.

What were the problems that Ashoka wanted to solve by introducing Dhamma?

What were the means adopted by Ashoka to spread the message of dhamma?

Why do you think slaves and servants were ill-treated? Do you think the orders of the emperor would have improved their condition? Give reasons for your answer.

Write a short paragraph explaining to Roshan why the lions are shown on our currency notes. List at least one other object on which you see them.

Suppose you had the power to inscribe your orders; what four commands would you like to issue?

Fill in the blanks:
(a) __________ was a word used for large landowners in Tamil.
(b) The gramabhojaka often got his land cultivated by the _________________
(c) Ploughmen were known as _________________ in Tamil.
(d) Most grihapatis were ______________ landowners.