Solutions to the CBSE Term 2 Class 12 English Core Sample Paper 2022

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Solutions to the CBSE Term 2 Class 12 English Core Sample Paper, 2022, with updated pattern. These solutions include detailed explanations and are according to the recent CBSE guidelines.

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Solutions - Sample Question Paper - CBSE Class 12 - Term 2

English Core | 2021-22

Section A - Reading

1. Read the passage given below.

I saw ‘Jaws’, the popular shark movie, the summer it came out, in 1975 and became paranoid about sharks. Though I kept swimming after Jaws, it was always with the vague fear that a shark’s teeth could tug on my leg at any moment. Never mind that there’d been only two shark bites since 1900on the Connecticut coast, where I lived. 

So, when I got this assignment for the National Geographic magazine, I decided to accept and do what I’d never wanted to do: swim with the sharks. I had to go to a place in the Bahamas known as Tiger Beach and dive with tiger sharks, the species responsible for more recorded attacks on humans than any shark except the great white. It was to be my first dive after getting certified—which meant it would be my first dive anywhere other than a swimming pool or a quarry—and without a diver’s cage. Most people who got wind of this plan thought I was either very brave or very stupid. 

But I just wanted to puncture an illusion. The people who know sharks intimately tend to be the least afraid of them, and no one gets closer to sharks than divers. The divers who run operations at Tiger Beach speak lovingly of the tiger sharks the way people talk about their children or their pets. In their eyes, these sharks aren’t man-eaters any more than dogs are.

The business of puncturing illusions is never just black and white. My fellow divers had hundreds of dives under their belt and on the two-hour boat ride to the site in the morning of our first dive, they kept saying things like, “Seriously, I really can’t believe this is your first dive.” All this was okay with me until I reached the bottom and immediately had to fend off the first tiger shark, I had ever laid eyes on. However, when I watched the other divers feeding them fish and steering them gently, it became easy to see the sharks in a very benign light. 

I think it would be unfair not to mention that though tiger sharks are apex predators. They act as a crucial balancing force in ocean ecosystems, constraining the numbers of animals like sea turtles and limit their behaviour by preventing them from overgrazing the sea grass beds. 

Furthermore, tiger sharks love warm water, they eat almost anything, have a huge litter and are the hardiest shark species. If the planet and its oceans continue to warm, some species will be winners and others will be losers, and tiger sharks are likely to be winners.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY EIGHT questions from the nine given below.

  1. Cite a point in evidence, from the text, to suggest that the writer's post-Jaws fear was not justified.

    The writer’s fear of sharks was irrational, as is evidenced by the fact that there had been only two shark bites since 1900 on the Connecticut coast, where he lived.

  2. State any one trait of the writer that is evident from lines 5-10 and provide a reason for your choice.

    The writer comes across as a daring person who had the courage to face his fear and decided to swim with the sharks at the first opportunity he got, even though he was terrified of them.

  3. State any one trait of the writer that is evident from lines 5-10 and provide a reason for your choice.

    The writer comes across as a daring person who had the courage to face his fear and decided to swim with the sharks at the first opportunity he got, even though he was terrified of them.

  4. People thought the writer was ‘either brave or very stupid’. Why did some people think that he was ‘very stupid’?

    The people thought he was very stupid because they had very little knowledge about sharks and were convinced, he would be bitten if he went through with his decision.

  5. Why does the writer say that people who know sharks intimately tend to be least afraid of them?

    People who know about shark are aware that sharks are like pet dogs who wouldn’t attack and aren’t man eaters.

  6. Rewrite the given sentence by replacing the underlined phrase with another one, from lines 10 - 20.

    Some academicians think that reward, as a form of discipline, is a simple right or wrong issue.

    Some academicians think that reward, as a form of discipline, is a simple   ethical or unethical issue  . [There can be multiple alternative answers, which have not been included here]

  7. What does the use of the phrase ‘benign light’ suggest in the context of the writer’s viewpoint about the tiger sharks?

    ‘Benign light’ implies that he now sees sharks as gentle creatures, and not the terrifying monsters they are made out to be. He even came to note them as beneficial and necessary for the betterment of the environment.

  8. Select a suitable phrase from lines 15-25 to complete the following sentence appropriately.

    I agree the team will find this experience tough, but competing will be easier next time after they get this tournament __________________________.

    I agree the team will find this experience tough but competing will be easier next time after they get this tournament under their belt

  9. Select a suitable phrase from lines 15-25 to complete the following sentence appropriately.

    ‘Benign light’ implies that he now sees sharks as gentle creatures, and not the terrifying monsters they are made out to be. He even came to note them as beneficial and necessary for the betterment of the environment.

  10. Apex predators serve to keep prey numbers in check. How can we say that tiger sharks are apex predators?

    We can say so as they help maintain a balance in the ecosystem by keeping a check on the population of sea turtles and prevent them from overgrazing the sea grass bed.

  11. Analyse why having a large litter is one of the features that empowers tiger sharks to emerge winners if global warming persists.

    If their litter will be large, the probability of survival increases tremendously, because even if the weather changes drastically, some members will definitely survive.

2. Read the passage given below.

Changing food preferences have brought about rapid changes in the structure of the Indian diet. The rapid proliferation of multinational fast-food companies and the influence of Western culture have replaced traditional home-cooked meals with ready-to-eat, processed foods thus increasing the risk of chronic diseases in urban Indians. Therefore, nurturing healthy eating habits among Indians from an early age would help to reduce health risks.

To date, little is known about the quality and quantity of foods and beverages consumed by urban Indian adolescents. This lack of evidence is a significant barrier to the development of effective nutrition promotion and disease prevention measures.

Therefore, a self-administered, semi-quantitative, 59-item meal-based food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) was developed to assess the dietary intake of adolescents. A total of 1026 students (aged 14-16 years) attending private, English-speaking schools in Kolkata completed the survey.

A graph of food consumption patterns

A sample percentage of the food consumption pattern is displayed (Fig. 1) The survey results report poor food consumption patterns and highlights the need to design healthy eating initiatives. Interestingly, while there were no gender differences in the consumption of legumes and fried snacks, the survey found more females consumed cereals, vegetables and fruits than their male counterparts.

In conclusion, the report suggested that schools ought to incorporate food literacy concepts into their curriculum as they have the potential of increasing the fruit and vegetable intake in teenagers. Additionally, healthy school canteen policies with improved availability, accessibility, variety and affordability of healthy food choices would support the consumption of nutritious food in students.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY SIX questions from the seven questions given below.

  1. What does the researcher mean by 'changing food preferences'?

    'Changing food preferences' mean that there is a shift in the preferences of the urban population members from homecooked meals to ready-to-eat and processed food.

  2. Why was this survey on the food consumption of adolescents undertaken?

    The survey was undertaken so the pattern of food consumption among the adolescents in urban area could be recognised and mapped out and recommendations could be issued based on the data.

  3. With reference to figure 1, write one conclusion about students' consumption of energy-dense drinks.

    The consumption of energy dense drinks is as high as 47%, and this section even consumes 3 or more servings, while on the other hand only 5% take one serving.

  4. What can be concluded by the 'no intake' data of fruit consumption versus energy dense snacks, with reference to figure 1?

    The consumption of fruits is very low and clocked in at 45% of respondents, while almost 95% had had some form of energy dense snack.

  5. There were no gender differences observed in the consumption of healthy foods, according to the survey. Substantiate.

    Females have shown better eating habits as they consume more cereals, vegetables, and fruits.

  6. Why is'affordability' recommended as a significant feature of a school canteen policy?

    Affordability is an important feature for school canteens as their primary customers are school students and they do not carry a lot of cash with them.

  7. Identify a word from lines 9 - 18 indicating that the questionnaire was specifically designed to be completed by a respondent without the intervention of the researcher collecting the data.


Section B - Writing

3. You are Natasha, residing in Pune. Your cousin, from the same city is hosting your grandmother's eightieth birth anniversary and has extended an invite to you. He has also requested your assistance for arrangements needed. Draft a reply of acceptance, in not more than 50 words.


Dear XYZ

I am glad to hear that you have decided to celebrate grandmother's eightieth birth anniversary with such fervour. Thank you for inviting me. I would be delighted to attend the same on 17 Jan 20XX. Do let me know if you require any assistance, I would be more than willing to help out.


4. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below.

You are Shantanu, residing at Ghar B-94, Balimela Road, Malkangiri. You come across the following classified advertisement in a local daily. Write a letter, in about 120-150 words, applying for the position of a volunteer for the Each One Teach One campaign.


WANTED committed volunteers, aged 18 years and above, to teach underprivileged children, for one hour a week, in the district of Malkangiri. Ability to speak, read and write Odiya fluently, important. Experience not necessary. All volunteers to receive training. Contact Nethra N, Coordinator (Each One Teach One), 4Literacy, Ambaguda, Malkangiri, Odisha -764045

Ghar B-94
Balimela Road, Malkangiri

January 22, 2022

Ambaguda, Malkangiri
Odisha - 764045

Subject: Application for the Position of a Volunteer

With reference to your advertisement dated 17 Jan 20xx, I would like to offer my candidature for the position of a volunteer for the ‘Each One Teach One’ campaign. I have never taught but have always desired to lend a helping hand in bettering the society. Presently, I have just finished my class XII exams and have enough time at my disposal. I assure you that I would be dedicated to the position if I get a chance.

I have attached my resume along with.





17 Jan, 2002


18 Years

Father's Name

Some Name

Mother's Name

Some Name


B-94, Balimela Road, Malkangri



Educational Qualifications

  1. Class XII: CBSE, 90%

  2. Class X: CBSE, 95%

Professional Qualifications

  1. Course in CT

  2. Course in Public Speaking


The efforts of 400 volunteers working with the NGO, 4Literacy, in the district of Malkangiri, Odisha, was lauded by the District Collector, Shri V. Singh (IAS). As a staff reporter of ‘The Odisha Bhaskar’, write a report about this in 120-150 words covering all the details, such as training, teaching and infrastructure involved in the ‘Each One Teach One’ campaign, initiated by the district administration in association with the NGO.

A Successful Literacy Centered Campaign

- A Staff Reporter

The ‘Each One Teach One’ campaign was a major success. The educational welfare campaign was led by 400 volunteers and was lauded by District Collector Shri. V. Singh. The volunteers educated the children of Malkangiri and imparted basic education about the sciences and languages.

These volunteers were trained for 15 days prior to the campaign. During this training they were sensitized towards the need to pay attention to the granularities of academia. They were given a pre-determined syllabus but were encouraged to come up with innovative methods to teach and educate the children.

These volunteers started their work on 16th November and continued for a period of 2 months until 18 January. They spent their weekends with the under-privileged children and taught them basic writing skills as well as told them stories. They even mentored them and informed them about the career choices that they could avail in the future.

These classes were held in the evening in the government school premises, which were specially requisitioned for this purpose. They had special funds allocated for chalk, paper, and other requirements needed for conducting classes. It was a highly successful campaign and managed to educate and inform about three hundred students, who were then spurred into action and vowed to keep the momentum going.

Section C - Literature

5. Attempt ANY FIVE of the six questions given below, within 40 words each.

  1. A mistaken identity led to a discovery of a new one for the rattrap peddler. How did this impact him?

    The case of mistaken identity had a life changing impact on the peddler as he decided to abandon his old way and alleviated himself to the stature of a captain. He decided to undo the error of his ways and become a more empathetic person. He even returned the money which he had stolen earlier as a way amend ways.

  2. As the host of a talk show, introduce Rajkumar Shukla to the audience by stating any two of his defining qualities. You may begin your answer like this:

    Meet Rajkumar Shukla, the man who played a pivotal in the Champaran Movement. He ……

    He is a resolute person who didn’t even once let anything waiver him from the task of gaining Gandhiji’s commitment and assurance. His persistence yielded the result and bettered the condition of the sharecroppers. He was persistent as he followed Gandhiji everywhere; be it his Ashram or anywhere else. He was dedicated to his cause and never gave up.

  3. Adrienne Rich chose to express her silent revolt through her poem, Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, just as Aunt Jennifer did with her embroidery. Explain.

    Adrienne Rich used Aunt Jennifer as a symbolic representation of the women who suffer in their matrimonial relationships, while Aunt Jennifer herself uses her embroidery to channelise her anxiety. Not only do both of them utilise creative channels, but both of them are rebelling against societal norms.

  4. Rationalize why Keats uses the metaphor ‘an endless fountain of immortal drink’ in his poem, A Thing of Beauty?

    Keat’s metaphor substantiates his thought that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. A beautiful object is quite like the immortal nectar which never fades into oblivion. It is a source of motivation, be it through the natural beauty or through the legendary tales of heroes who are a source of inspiration for one and all.

  5. How do you think Derry’s mother contributes to his sense of alienation and isolation? (On the Face of It)

    Derry’s mother makes him feel alienated when she doesn’t let him interact with Mr. Lamb and warns him to stay from Mr. Lamb. She kisses him on the other side of the burnt face and repeatedly makes him feel that life is incomplete and terrible for him. She also keeps reminding him that he would not be able to survive alone after she passed away as he was hideous.

  6. Validate John Updike’s open-ended title, Should Wizard Hit Mommy?

    Through this title, Updike has raised an important question as to whether Jo’s perpective of hitting the wizard is appropriate or father’s viewpoint of enforcing the thought that mothers can never go wrong is the most plausible approach. It even leaves enough thought for interpretation and can be approached from various angles.

6. Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 120-150 words each.

  1. How does Keats’ poem, A Thing of Beauty appeal richly to the senses, stimulating the reader’s inner sight as well as the sense of touch and smell? Write your answer in about 120-150 words.

    Keats appeals to the inner sight of the reader as he believes that beautiful things leave a lasting impact on all. The words have been used skilfully and are interspersed with poetic devices to draw out analogies and make them feel real. The mention of the clear rills’ leaves a sensation of cool and pristine water. The musk roses which have been scattered all over liven up the environment. The olfactory experience is heightened by the mention of lovely flowers. The way he goes about describing all the elements of the flora that surround him is absolutely delightful and appeals to all senses at once. It compels us to think of the sun, the moon and even gives us a vivid image of trees, both old and young. It makes us create an imagery of shady trees. Overall, his words invoke an innate sense of delight and childlike joy.

  2. Colin Dexter, the author of Evans Tries an O-level employs the red herring technique of intentionally misleading readers by placing false clues to keep the plot enigmatic. Substantiate with reference to text, in about 120-150 words.

    Colin has very tactfully spread out the clues which the reader is bound to overlook but in the end all these facts help to put together the plot. Evan’s hat is one such clue which the reader has no idea about but realises in the end that it was a coverup for the badly cropped hair. Even in the conversations he has with Jackson, one would feel that he is an ordinary criminal but, he turns out to be a mastermind who manages to fool the governor twice, but his introduction and original demeanour doesn’t give us any clue in that direction. The mention of Reverend McLeery exiting his flat doesn’t give any clue to the reader that he is Evan’s ally. Finally, the clues given in the German paper were a farce, and were meant only to fool others and were deliberately planted rather than accidently left there.


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