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Get detailed solutions and explanations to class 12 CBSE English Core sample question paper 2023-24 for free, and prepare for your class 12 board exams with ease.

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General Instructions:

  1. The Question Paper contains THREE sections-READING, WRITING and LITERATURE.

  2. Attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part.


Reading Comprehension Through Unseen Passages

1. Read the following text.

Arthur lay in his cabin, still trying to piece together the events of the last few hours. He had watched his home planet of Earth be demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass, been saved by his friend Ford, and then whisked away on a ship that was powered by an "infinite improbability drive." It was all too much for him.

Just then, Ford stuck his head around the door.

"Hey, Earthman," he said, "come and have a look at this."

Arthur stumbled after him down a corridor and into the ship's control room. He gazed in amazement at the banks of controls and flashing lights. In the center of the room was a large console covered in buttons and switches, and in the middle of the console was a small, white mouse.

"What's that?" asked Arthur.

"That's the ship's computer," said Ford.

Arthur stared at the mouse. "That's a computer?" he said.

"Yup," said Ford. "Five-dimensional, biologically-based, super intelligent, and in the form of a white lab mouse. Pretty neat, huh?"

"I don't know," said Arthur. "I don't think I really understand anything anymore. Why is a mouse the ship's computer?"

"It's a long story," said Ford. "But the short version is that the mice built the Earth as a giant computer to figure out the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Then they ran out of money and had to destroy it to make way for a hyperspace bypass. So now they're using the Heart of Gold to finish the calculation."

Arthur was about to say something, but at that moment the ship's intercom crackled to life.

"Good evening, Heart of Gold," said a smooth, computerized voice. "This is Eddie, your shipboard computer. I'm feeling a bit depressed today. Would you like me to sing you a song?" "Oh, not again," groaned Ford.

"Eddie, would you mind shutting up?" said Arthur.

Arthur sighed and leaned back against the console, trying to make sense of everything. But as he closed his eyes, he heard a voice inside his head. "Hello?" it said.

Arthur jumped, startled. "Who's there?" he said.

"It's me," said the voice. "Marvin.

"Marvin?" said Arthur. "Who's Marvin?" "The Paranoid Android," said the voice. Arthur looked around, but he didn't see anyone. "Where are you?" he said.

"I'm down here," said the voice.

Arthur looked down and saw a small, metal figure shuffling across the floor. It was about three feet tall, with a round head and a body that looked like it had been cobbled together from spare parts. Its eyes were a dull red, and its voice was a monotone.

"I've been waiting for someone to talk to me for over two million years," said Marvin.

i. Select the option that classifies Arthur's confusion about drastic events such as the destruction of his home planet and the introduction of new technologies, correctly.

A. Routine and boredom

B. Adventure and excitement

C. Loss and change

D. Calm and relaxation

ii. What is the significance of the white lab mouse in the control room of the Heart of Gold spaceship?

A. It is the captain of the ship

B. It serves as the ship's computer

C. It is a pet of the crew

D. It is used for scientific experiments

iii. Share evidence from the text, in about 40 words to support the view that the writer’s writing style is descriptive and humourous.

The writer uses a lot of detail to paint a picture of the control room and the unusual computer. The comedy comes from Arthur's shock and Ford's calm responses, as well as the idea of a sad computer who wants to sing songs.

iv. Complete the sentence appropriately with a characteristic or its description.

Based on the information given in the excerpt, one can infer that the mice who built the Earth are highly advanced and intelligent.

v. Select the option that is similar in meaning to Ford’s expression , “Pretty neat, huh?".

A. Easy, isn’t it?

B. Could be worse, no?

C. Impressive, yes?

D. Too difficult for you?

vi. Explain, in about 40 words, why the name "The Paranoid Android" is considered ironic.

The name "Paranoid Android" is ironic given that androids, as machines, should theoretically not be capable of experiencing human emotions and conditions such as paranoia. Yet, Marvin is not only paranoid but also expresses extreme loneliness and boredom, making his designation very humourous.

vii. In the line, “…a body that looked like it had been cobbled together from spare parts…”, what comparison does the word “cobbled” refer to?

The word "cobbled" refers to a comparison of Marvin's body being assembled or hastily put together from various different parts, much like a rough street might be patched up irregularly with cobblestones.

viii. How does the following, impact the reader, even though they know Marvin is just an android?

"I've been waiting for someone to talk to me for over two million years," said Marvin. 

Answer in about 40 words.

This statement creates a sense of sympathy and empathy among readers. Even though Marvin is an android, his expressed loneliness and longing for interaction evokes feelings of sadness.

ix. Read the five headlines (a) -(e), given below:






Identify the option that displays the headline/s that DOES/ DO NOT correspond with occurrences in the passage.

A. Only (a)

B. (b) (c) and (d)

C. Only (e)

D. (a) and (e)

2. Read the following text.

(1) In recent years, there has been a surge in both group and solo travel among young adults in India. A survey conducted among young adults aged 18-25 aimed to explore the reasons behind their travel preferences and recorded the percentage variation for 10 common points that influence travel choices.

(2) Among those who prefer solo travel, the most common reason cited was the desire for independence and freedom (58%), followed closely by the opportunity for introspection and self-discovery (52%). Additionally, solo travellers appreciated the ability to customize their itinerary to their preferences (44%) and the chance to meet new people on their own terms (36%).

(3) On the other hand, those who prefer group travel often cited the desire for socializing and making new friends (61%) as their primary reason. Group travel also provided a sense of security and safety in unfamiliar places (52%) and allowed for shared experiences and memories with others (48%). Additionally, group travellers enjoyed the convenience of having pre-planned itineraries and organized transportation (38%).

(4) Interestingly, both groups had similar levels of interest in exploring new cultures and trying new experiences (40% for solo travellers, 36% for group travellers). Similarly, both groups valued the opportunity to relax and escape from the stresses of everyday life (36% for solo travellers, 32% for group travellers).

(5) However, there were also some notable differences between the two groups. For example, solo travellers placed a higher priority on budget-friendly travel options (38%) compared to group travellers (24%). Conversely, group travellers were more likely to prioritize luxury and comfort during their travels (28%) compared to solo travellers (12%).

(6) Overall, the survey results suggest that both group and solo travel have their own unique advantages and appeal to different individuals, based on their preferences and priorities. 

i. Infer two possible ways that the survey , mentioned in paragraph (1) could be beneficial. Answer in about 40 words.

  1. The survey provides valuable insights on travel preferences of young adults in India, aiding the travel industry to better tailor their services.

  2. The survey helps individuals understand the pros and cons of solo and group travel, guiding them to make informed decisions.

ii. Which travel choice point of the survey would influence tour operators to incorporate group dinners, social events, and shared accommodations in their itinerary?

A. Freedom to customise itinerary

B. Luxury and comfort

C. Security and safety

D. Desire for making new friends

iii. What do the top choices in the survey, for traveling solo and in a group suggest about young adults?

The top choices in the survey suggest that young adults traveling solo value independence, freedom, and self-discovery, meaning they desire personal growth and autonomy. Conversely, those traveling in a group hold socializing and making new friends as their main priority, indicating a desire for communion and shared experiences.

iv. Identify the solo traveller from the following three travellers:

(a) Reshma- I don’t want to keep hunting for rickshaws or taxis. A pre-booked vehicle is perfect.

(b) Nawaz-I’m happy sharing a room in a hostel. I don’t need hotel accommodation.

(c) Deepak-I’m not worried about my well-being , even while exploring remote areas.

v. Which of the following is an example of an opportunity for self-discovery, as mentioned in paragraph 2? 

A. Trying new cuisine

B. Hiring a tour guide

C. Purchasing local artifacts

D. Advance booking travel tickets

vi. How might the differences in budget priorities between solo and group travellers impact the types of accommodations and activities offered by the travel industry in India?

The differences in budget priorities would probably lead the travel industry in India to offer a variety of options suitable for both categories. For solo travellers, they might provide more budget-friendly options, such as hostels, budget hotels, or cost-effective activities. For group travellers, who prioritize luxury and comfort, they might offer upscale accommodations, high-end dining, and premium, organised activities.

vii. Complete the sentence appropriately.

The similarities in the percentage of both solo and group travellers who are interested in exploring new cultures and trying new experiences may be due to the shared curiosity and adventure-seeking nature of young adults, regardless of their travel arrangement, as expressed in their desire to learn, experience diversity, and step out of their comfort zones.

viii. State TRUE or FALSE.

The title, "Wanderlust: The Solo Travel Trend Among Young Adults in India", is  appropriate for this passage. 



Note : All details presented in the questions are imaginary and created for assessment purpose .

3. Attempt ANY ONE of two , in about 50 words.                                                                                     

A. Bali High Public School has recently created CureGreen, a dedicated area for local medicinal herbs and shrubs, adjacent to the flower garden, on campus. As Rachel Tiwari, Captain of the Eco-Club , draft a notice for the school notice board, informing students of classes XI-XII, about a guided walk through CureGreen , post assembly, on Friday, 10 July. Invite care-giver applications, for CureGreen. 

Bali High Public School


July 1, 2023

‘CureGreen’ Walk and Care-Giver Applications

All the students are hereby informed that the Eco-Club, we will be conducting a guided, educational walk through our newly established herb garden, 'CureGreen’. The primary purpose of this tour is to educate everyone about the invaluable healing properties of these plants and how we can incorporate them into our daily lives. The details of this programme are as follows:

Date: July 10, 2023
Time: 11:00 AM
Venue: Flower Garden

For those interested, volunteers are required to commit at least 2 hours per week. Please submit a handwritten application, stating your interest and availability, to Mrs.Geeta Soren, Faculty- In-Charge, Eco-Club, by Monday, 6 July. Maximum participation is sought.

Rachel Tiwari
Eco-Club, Bali High Public School


B. You are the Secretary of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme , Jastinapur, Sector D-3 Society. Draft a notice for the Society notice board, informing residents about the change of personnel, Head Security, Gate 2 and share necessary details. Also, include the news of installation of the much awaited security camera, on the Eastern periphery of the Society. 

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Committee


July 1, 2023

Security Personnel and Enhancement Updates

Residents of Jastinapur, Sector D-3 Society, are requested to kindly note that there will be a change in personnel in our local security team. Mr. Rakesh Yadav will be replacing Mr. Aman Verma as the Head Security, Gate 2, effective from July 3, 2023.

Additionally, we are pleased to share that the much-awaited security camera system has now been installed to enhance the safety in our society. The new security cameras are fully operational and cover the entire Eastern periphery area of our society. This is part of our ongoing effort to keep our community safe and secure.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

English Chatterbox
Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, Jastinapur, Sector D-3 Society.

4. Attempt ANY ONE of two , in about 50 words.                                                                                     

A. You are the Student Head, Cultural Affairs, at M.K. Sr. Sec. School. Your school is organising a 2-day Yoga camp over the weekend, for parents of the school students.  Create an invitation, inviting the school parents for this Yoga camp. Share information about the camp organisers and include other necessary details.

The Principal, Faculty, and Student Head, Cultural Affairs,

M.K. Sr. Sec. School

Cordially invite you and your family for a

2-day Yoga Camp for Parents

To be held on November 19, 2023

From 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

On the school premises,

School is hosting esteemed yoga instructors

Ms. Radhika Desai and Mr. Suresh Verma from

'Yogalife Foundation' to guide and enlighten

us on the path of peace, health, and wellness.

Your presence will enhance the spirit of the event.

Student Head, Cultural Affairs,


B. Smt. Leelavati Khatri, your grandmother, has received an invitation from her childhood friend , residing at a distance in the same city. The invite is for the blessing ceremony and celebratory dinner, marking the birth of her granddaughter. Your grandmother wishes to attend the event but would need to be accompanied by a family member to assist her with her wheelchair.

Create an appropriate reply, accepting this invitation, on behalf of your grandmother.

Dear Smt. Devi,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. My grandmother, Smt. Leelavati Khatri, received your warm invitation for the blessing ceremony of your beloved granddaughter and the forthcoming celebratory dinner.

I am delighted to inform you that we gratefully accept your invitation. My grandmother has always spoken fondly of her childhood time spent with you, and we would be honoured to be part of the celebration marking this joyful event of your life.

I, as her grandchild, will have the pleasure of accompanying her to assist with her wheelchair. In anticipation of the joyful occasion, we extend our heartfelt congratulations for the birth of your granddaughter. May her life be filled with endless joy, happiness, and success.

We look forward to sharing this special time with you. Thank you once again for including us in your family's happiness.

Yours Sincerely,

English Chatterbox

5. Attempt ANY ONE of two , in about 120-150 words.

A. You are Damanjit Singh, a fresh graduate of film-making (BFA), from JTTI, Chandigarh.  You saw the given advertisement in the newspaper and wish to apply for the position advertised. Write a letter to Mili Johar Arts, along with your bio-data, expressing your interest in the advertised post. 


12, Sector 17A

13 July, 2023

Honorary Secretary
Mili Johar Arts
New Delhi

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Application for position of Film Making Teacher

With reference to your advertisement seeking teachers for an English medium high school, published on 13th October in The Times of India, I am interested in offering my candidature for the post of a Film-Making teacher.

I bring to the table a unique blend of creativity, passion for film-making, and an acute understanding of the impact of arts on students’ learning and overall personality development. I have recently graduated from JTTI, Chandigarh with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Film-Making, which makes me a suitable match for the post advertised.

Enclosed herewith is my Bio-data, giving all necessary details about my education and related experience. If provided the opportunity, I assure you that I will leave no stone unturned in upholding the values and prestige of your esteemed establishment.

Thank you and I look forward to a positive response.

Yours faithfully,

Damanjit Singh


Name: Damanjit Singh

Date of Birth: 10 April, 1997

Address: 12, Sector 17A, Chandigarh

Educational Qualifications:

(a) Completed 10th standard from CBSE, Delhi with 86% marks.

(b) Completed 12th standard in Humanities from CBSE, Delhi with 80% marks.

(c) Graduated in Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film-making) from JTTI, Chandigarh in 20XX with a First Division.

Past Experience: Acted as an Assistant Director for a short movie during my university days which gained recognition in the local film festival.

Extra-curricular Activities:

(a) Volunteered for various film festivals

(b) Served as Director for the College Drama Club.

References: Available on Request


B. Despite being an essential component of road safety infrastructure, many people do not respect zebra crossings and fail to follow traffic rules, which results in hazardous situations on the roads. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily, sharing your concern, and examining the reasons for such behaviour. Provide suggestions for spreading awareness of rules and etiquettes involved, and ways to ensure adherence. Use the given cues along with your own ideas to compose this letter. You are Soma Baruah, a concerned city resident.

Headquarters, English Chatterbox

November 19, 2023

The Times of India
Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg
Delhi, India

Subject: Urgent Awareness Required for Zebra Crossing Etiquette

Dear Editor,

I write as a concerned city resident witnessing a consistent disregard for zebra crossings, which are a pivotal component of road safety infrastructure. The negligence towards respecting zebra crossings and the gross violations of traffic regulations have posed grave threats to pedestrians and drivers alike.

One reason for this ignorance can be attributed to the lack of education and awareness among the general public. It is high time that the significance of observing these traffic laws is impressed upon people. I propose collaborations with educational institutions to spread awareness through workshops and seminars. The use of social media platforms can also be judiciously employed for the dissemination of related information, considering its wide reach and influence.

The violation of these rules is not just a personal risk, but puts everyone around in peril. Adherence can only be ensured by a stringent imposition of fines and penalties, even extending to the revocation of driving licenses in severe instances. A stronger traffic police force with advanced monitoring resources and technology can aid in maintaining a disciplined traffic system and penalizing those who flout norms.

Road safety is a shared responsibility and every user of the road must contribute obediently. Let's strive to make our city's roads safer for everyone.

Yours sincerely,

Soma Baruah

6. Attempt ANY ONE of two , in about 120-150 words.

A. You are Sohail Hassan of class XII-B. Write an article for your school magazine ,  sharing the importance of young adults , as volunteers in one’s local community , the need to do so  and the benefits involved. Use the given cues along with your own ideas to compose this article.

The Crucial Role of Volunteering in Local Communities

Volunteering has a significant part to play in benefiting our society and particularly, our local communities. The advantages of volunteering are numerous, but its importance is even more prominent when young adults get involved in it.

The young blood holds an ocean of energy, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas, which, when employed for the welfare of local communities, brings in a surge of vibrancy and positivity. Young adults volunteering in their local communities help in fostering a strong sense of unity and companionship among individuals - an aspect much needed in today's fragmented society.

The reasons for a young adult to volunteer are manifold - personal growth, development of leadership and communication skills, experiencing a sense of satisfaction, and standing out as a responsible citizen. It provides them with opportunities to explore diverse fields, thus aiding their career decisions. Volunteering not only carves the path for experiential learning but also envelopes the individuals in a blanket of self-contentment and virtue.

Moreover, it is a powerful tool to combat the issues of urban loneliness and social isolation. Through volunteering, young adults get a platform to interact with a broader group of individuals, hence widening their social circle and gaining new perspectives.

In conclusion, the need for young adults to partake in volunteering is paramount. It offers an enriching platform to enact positive change and develops a sense of responsibility towards society. It's time we recognised and celebrated the contribution of young adult volunteers in bridging gaps, resolving community issues and forming supportive environments for all. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"; let's pledge to make a difference.

By: Sohail Hassan

Class: XII-B


B. The R.W.A (Resident Welfare Association), Nandipura -II, launched a volunteer programme for the young adults in and around the neighbourhood, on 18 January 2023. As Sunitha. J, the local correspondent of the neighbourhood newsletter, write a report, covering this event. Support your ideas with outline cues given below, to craft your report.

Young Adult Volunteer Programme Launched by Nandipura-II R.W.A

Sunitha J.

Delhi: The Resident Welfare Association of Nandipura-II took an admirable initiative by launching a volunteer programme for young adults on 18th January, 2023.

Emphasising the importance of community service and youth development, the R.W.A sought to bridge the gap between generations through this unique initiative, fostering an environment of unity, learning and empowerment.

The launch program was a grand affair, graced by the esteemed presence of local government representatives and notable people from various fields. The participants were introduced to numerous volunteering opportunities, ranging from environmental conservation, education support, and community development, to name a few.

The highlighted feature of this initiative is that it aims to tap into the potential of modern youth, imparting them with a sense of responsibility, enhancing their skills, and carving empathetic individuals out of them.

By inspiring young adults to take part in issues affecting their local community, the program offers them a platform for self-development while contributing positively to society. The enthusiasm and energy witnessed during the launch promise a brighter and closely-knitted Nandipura-II in the near future.

7. Read the given extracts and answer the questions for ANY ONE of the two, given. 

A. And such too is the grandeur of the dooms
We have imagined for the mighty dead;
All lovely tales that we have heard or read:
An endless fountain of immortal drink,
Pouring unto us from the heaven's brink.

(A Thing of Beauty)

i. Which of the following themes is best represented in the given extract?

A. The beauty of nature

B. The power of imagination

C. The immortality of art and literature

D. The inevitability of death

ii. State whether the given statement is TRUE or FALSE, with reference to the extract.

By referring to the dead as "mighty", the poet emphasizes their importance and the power they exerted on the people.


iii. Complete the sentence appropriately.

The "endless fountain of immortal drink" is an apt analogy for the tales of the mighty dead because just as a fountain constantly pours forth water, the tales of the mighty dead pour forth endless inspiration and wisdom for the living.

iv. The use of the word "brink" in the extract suggests that the immortality that is being poured onto us is on the verge of overflowing. This creates a powerful image of abundance.

v. Based on the poem rhyme scheme, evident in lines 2-5, of the given extract, which word would rhyme with line 1?


vi. Select the option that is NOT true about the lack of punctuation at the end of line 1 in the extract.

A. Creates a sense of continuity and flow that connects the line with the second line.

B. Encourages the reader to continue reading seamlessly without any pause.

C. Creates a sense of anticipation and expectation for the reader.

D. Encourages a revisit to the ideas in the preceding lines. 


B. …I looked again at her, wan, pale

as a late winter’s moon and felt that old familiar ache, my childhood’s fear,

but all I said was, see you soon,


all I did was smile and smile and smile......

(My mother at Sixty-six)

i. What is the speaker's emotional state when looking at her mother?

A. Confused and disoriented

B. Nostalgic and longing

C. Empathetic and understanding

D. Fearful and apprehensive

ii. What does the use of the word "but" at the beginning of the line, ‘ but all I said..’,  suggest? 

It suggests a contrast between the speaker's internal emotional response and her outward behaviour.

iii. Select the word that WILL NOT complete the sentence appropriately.

The description of the mother as "wan, pale / as a late winter's moon" creates a vivid image of ________ .

A. vulnerability

B. sensitivity

C. frailty

D. mortality

iv. State whether the given statement is TRUE or FALSE.

The poetic device used in the line, ‘pale as a winter’s moon’ is the same as the one used in the line, ‘the winter wind wistfully wailed at night’. 


v. What message do these lines highlight, in the context of familial relationships, and the speaker’s sense of anxiety and fear at the prospect of losing her mother?

The poem highlights the importance of cherishing and appreciating the people we love, while we still can.

vi. Complete the sentence appropriately.

The repetition of the word, ‘smile’ suggests that the speaker is trying to hold back her emotions and remain composed, despite the pain she feels at parting from her mother.

8. Read the given extracts and answer the questions for ANY ONE of the two, given. 

A. Climate change is one of the most hotly contested environmental debates of our time. Will the West Antarctic ice sheet melt entirely? Will the Gulf Stream ocean current be disrupted? Will it be the end of the world as we know it? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, Antarctica is a crucial element in this debate — not just because it’s the only place in the world, which has never sustained a human population and therefore remains relatively ‘pristine’ in this respect; but more importantly, because it holds in its ice-cores half-million-year-old carbon records trapped in its layers of ice. (Journey to the End of the Earth)

i. How does the absence of a human population in Antarctica make it significant in the climate change debate?

This makes it an important reference point for understanding the effects of human activities on the environment and the potential impacts of climate change.

ii. Why is "climate change" described as a "hotly contested" issue in the extract provided? This is so, because there _____.  

A. is universal agreement on the causes and implications of climate change

B. is a planned path ahead about how to address climate change

C. are differing views on the causes and implications of climate change

D. are minimal reports of fresh threats to climate change 

iii. The analogy of a time machine is an appropriate analogy for the role of carbon records in the study of climate change because just like a time machine would allow us to observe past events, carbon records allow us to observe past climate conditions.

iv. Give one reason why the writing style of the extract can be called factual and informative.

The writing style of the extract can be called factual and informative because it incorporates concrete facts about climate change and the importance of Antarctica. Furthermore, it provides historical data about Antarctica's ice-cores holding half-million-year-old carbon records. All of this information is presented in a clear, concise, and objective manner without personal feelings or opinions, making the writing style factual and informative.


B. In other words, the Tiger King is dead. 

The manner of his death is a matter of extraordinary interest. It can be revealed only at the end of the tale. The most fantastic aspect of his demise was that as soon as he was born, astrologers had foretold that one day the Tiger King would actually have to die. 

“The child will grow up to become the warrior of warriors, hero of heroes, champion of champions. But...” they bit their lips and swallowed hard. When compelled to continue, the astrologers came out with it. “This is a secret which should not be revealed at all. And yet we are forced to speak out. The child born under this star will one day have to meet its death.” (The Tiger King)

i. Complete the sentence appropriately.

The author’s purpose in using foreshadowing, is to hint at the impending fate of the Tiger King, building suspense and curiosity in the reader.

ii. In the given extract, what emotion were the astrologers feeling when they "bit their lips and swallowed hard"?

A. Humiliation

B. Disbelief

C. Grief

D. Unease

iii. Which trait are the astrologers lauding when they say "warrior of warriors, hero of heroes, champion of champions"?

They are lauding his bravery and heroism.

iv. How is the line, "the most fantastic aspect of his demise", an example of contrast?

The phrase "the most fantastic aspect of his demise" is an example of contrast as it uses "fantastic", which usually has a positive connotation, to describe "demise", a term associated with death and negativity. This creates a striking contrast and a sense of contradiction.

9. Read the given extracts and answer the questions for ANY ONE of the two, given.  

A. Usually, when school began, there was a great bustle, which could be heard out in the street, the opening and closing of desks, lessons repeated in unison, very loud, with our hands over our ears to understand better, and the teacher’s great ruler rapping on the table. But now it was all so still! I had counted on the commotion to get to my desk without being seen; but, of course, that day everything had to be as quiet as Sunday morning. Through the window I saw my classmates, already in their places, and M. Hamel walking up and down with his terrible iron ruler under his arm. I had to open the door and go in before everybody. You can imagine how I blushed and how frightened I was. (The Last Lesson)

i. List any two sensory details present in this extract.

  1. The auditory detail of the "great bustle, which could be heard out in the street, the opening and closing of desks, lessons repeated in unison, very loud, with our hands over our ears."

  2. The visual detail of seeing "my classmates, already in their places, and M. Hamel walking up and down with his terrible iron ruler under his arm."

ii. Why does the protagonist feel anxious about entering the classroom on this particular day?

A. The classmates have started the lesson

B. The teacher is in a bad mood

C. The classroom is too quiet

D. The protagonist is running late 

iii. Complete the sentence appropriately.

The phrase "as quiet as Sunday morning" suggests that all the students were seated silently and weren't making any noise or talking amongst themselves.

iv. Pick evidence from the extract that helps one infer that this was not the protagonist’s first time being late to school.

The protagonist had an established plan to "counted on the commotion to get to my desk without being seen," suggesting that he had been late before and used the usual hustle and bustle in the morning to make their way to their desk unnoticed.

v. What does the term 'terrible iron ruler' indicate about M. Hamel?

The term 'terrible iron ruler' indicates that M. Hamel is a strict teacher who demands discipline and obedience in his classroom. It suggests that he uses the ruler not just for measurements but also as a means of maintaining authority and enforcing rules.

vi. Which of the following headlines best suggests the central idea of the extract?

A. The Fears of a Latecomer

B. The Importance of Punctuality

C. The Rigidity of the School System

D. The Anxiety of a Young Student


B. Unaware of what his name represents, he roams the streets with his friends, an army of barefoot boys who appear like the morning birds and disappear at noon. Over the months, I have come to recognise each of them. 

“Why aren’t you wearing chappals?” I ask one. 

“My mother did not bring them down from the shelf,” he answers simply. 

“Even if she did, he will throw them off,” adds another who is wearing shoes that do not match.  When I comment on it, he shuffles his feet and says nothing. “I want shoes,” says a third boy who has never owned a pair all his life. Travelling across the country I have seen children walking barefoot, in cities, on village roads. It is not lack of money but a tradition to stay barefoot, is one explanation. (Lost Spring)

i. What is the writer’s purpose in allowing the boys to speak for themselves via dialogue, as opposed to only a writer’s commentary ?

The writer’s purpose in employing dialogue is to lend authenticity and rawness to the narration. By allowing the boys to speak for themselves, the writer presents the readers with an unfiltered perspective of the boys' hardships and experiences, which is more impactful than mere writer's commentary.

ii. The line, "It is not lack of money but a tradition to stay barefoot" can be best classified as:

A. A fact

B. An opinion

C. A theme

D. A plot point

iii. Explain any one possible inference that can be drawn from the line, "an army of barefoot boys who appear like the morning birds and disappear at noon”.

The statement implies that despite their youthful freedom, the boys' lives are regulated by obligations or hardships, warranting their disappearance at noon. Their ability to roam the streets is temporary, thus encapsulating the limited joy and freedom in their constrained lives.

iv. Identify the line from the text that bears evidence to the fact that the writer's association with the boys is not a recent one. 

The line "Over the months, I have come to recognise each of them" indicates that the writer's association with the boys is not recent, as it denotes a passage of time and familiarity developed over several months.

v. Based on the context provided in the extract, select the most likely comment that the writer would have made, based on the boy's reaction to the mismatched shoes.

A. "Why are your shoes mismatched? That's not a good look."

B. "Don't worry about your shoes, you can wear a matching pair later."

C. "I like your shoes. What matters is that they protect your feet."

D. "Have you chosen to mismatch your shoes?

vi. Complete the sentence with ONE word.

The phrase "he answers simply", suggests that the boy's response to the writer's question about why he wasn't wearing chappals was direct

10. Answer ANY FIVE of the following six questions, in about 40-50 words. 

i. What can be inferred from Rajendra Prasad’s recorded upshot of the lawyer consultations, at Motihari ? 

[Reference - The senior lawyer replied, they had come to advise and help him; if he went to jail there would be nobody to advise and they would go home. What about the injustice to the sharecroppers, Gandhi demanded.]


From Rajendra Prasad's recorded upshot of the lawyer consultations at Motihari, it can be inferred that the lawyers initially considered Gandhi a stranger and were hesitant to follow him into jail. However, they realized that Gandhi's willingness to go to prison for the sake of the peasants was a powerful example, and they ultimately decided to support him and stay committed to the cause.

ii. Douglas uses sensory details to create a vivid image of the unfortunate experience in the pool. What might be the impact on the reader if the  narration were more informative than sensory? (Deep Water)

If the narration were more informative than sensory, the impact on the reader would be less emotional and immersive. The vivid image created by the sensory details helps the reader to empathize with the fear and terror experienced by the narrator, making the story more engaging and memorable.

iii. How does the setting of the remote forest location in 'The Rattrap' contribute to the overall tone and mood of the story?

The remote forest location in 'The Rattrap' contributes to the overall tone and mood by creating a sense of isolation, danger, and despair. The forest symbolises the traps and hardships of life, adding weight to the peddler's philosophy of him being trapped in a rattrap.

iv. How might the message of the poem, ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’  be different, if the following last four lines were omitted?

When Aunt is dead, her terrified hands will lie
Still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by.
The tigers in the panel that she made

Will go on prancing, proud and unafraid.

If the last four lines of the poem, "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers," were omitted, the tone of the poem would become more somber. The image of the tigers continuing to prance would be lost, leaving the poem to end on a note of despair with Aunt Jennifer's hands still burdened by the ordeals she endured. The message of the poem would then focus solely on the oppression and suffering of women, without any sense of hope or possibility for liberation.

v. Umberto Eco, with reference to "The Name of the Rose" says, “I think if I had written The Name of the Rose ten years earlier or ten years later, it wouldn’t have been the same.” What could he have meant? (The Interview)

Umberto Eco suggests that the success of his book, "The Name of the Rose," was largely due to timing. He believes that if he had written the book ten years earlier or ten years later, it wouldn't have had the same impact. This could be interpreted as Eco recognising the importance of cultural context and how the reception of a work of art is influenced by the historical, social, and political climate of its time. Eco might be suggesting that the themes and ideas he explored in his novel resonated particularly strongly with readers in the cultural moment in which it was published, and that this moment was fleeting. Therefore, if he had written the book earlier or later, it might not have been as relevant or timely, and might not have captured the same level of attention and interest.

vi. What does the story of Subbu's success in the film industry reveal about the importance of loyalty, creativity, and versatility in this field? (Poets and Pancakes)

The story of Subbu's film industry success illuminates the significance of loyalty, creativity, and versatility. Through his undying devotion to his employer, he channeled his imaginative prowess to their advantage. Being versatile, he created an array of solutions for problems. Such traits made him Gemini Studios' priceless asset.

11. Answer ANY TWO of the following three questions, in about 40-50 words.  

i. How can we say that the vadai packet incident reveals that the writer lacked the cognitive and emotional maturity required to understand the implications of untouchability?

The incident reflects Bama's lack of maturity to understand untouchability due to her young age, being in the third grade, and her limited exposure to this social issue. She had not heard people openly discuss untouchability before, hence she was bewildered by the elder's actions. She eventually understood the situation, however, this came only after her brother's explanation. Thus, these factors point to her initial lack of emotional and cognitive maturity required to comprehend the societal implications of untouchability.

ii. What does the play ‘On the Face of It’ suggest about the importance of empathy in overcoming prejudice and stereotypes?

The play 'On the Face of It' suggests that empathy plays a significant role in overcoming prejudice and stereotypes. This is illustrated through the bond formed between the old man, Mr. Lamb and the boy, Derry with a burned face. Despite their physical differences and societal prejudices, their empathetic understanding of each other fosters a deep connection, enabling them to challenge prejudiced views. Their relationship emphasizes the power of empathy to break down barriers and to look beyond physical differences, fostering acceptance and deeper understanding.

iii. Answer the question in the context of the following lines from ‘The Enemy’.

“Stupid Yumi,” she muttered fiercely. “Is this anything but a man? And a wounded helpless man!”
In the conviction of her own superiority she bent impulsively and untied the knotted rugs that kept the white man covered. 

Explain the superiority Hana is convinced about.  

Hana's conviction of superiority stems from her strong moral principles that prioritize human life and kindness over societal prejudices. Although Yumi refuses to help the white man, Hana sees beyond his race and nationality, recognizing him simply as a vulnerable human in need of aid. This moral stance places her above Yumi in terms of ethical behavior, as she acts on compassion rather than societal expectations.

12. Answer ANY ONE of the following two questions, in about 120-150 words.  

A. Imagine you are Pablo Neruda , the poet of Keeping Quiet. 

What advice might you offer to Robert Frost, the poet of A Roadside Stand, in the context of his conflicted emotions, as displayed in the given lines-

The requisite lift of spirit has never been found,
Or so the voice of the country seems to complain,
I can’t help owning the great relief it would be
To put these people at one stroke out of their pain.

Pen down your advice , in a letter to Frost. 

You may begin this way:

Dear Robert
I recently read your poem, "A Roadside Stand," and...

You may end this way:

I hope this advice is helpful to you. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to support you.
Pablo Neruda

Dear Robert,

I recently read your heartfelt poem, "A Roadside Stand" and could sense the conflicting emotions wrenching your heart. My ethos, as reflected in "Keeping Quiet" has always been about fostering quiet contemplation to gain a deeper understanding of life and its entwined challenges. It's easy to get overwhelmed by emotions, but I encourage you to step back, breathe, and allow tranquility to seep in before making any judgments about the roadside stand inhabitants. Silence can sometimes lead to unexpected revelations about our own experiences and the experiences of others. It enables objectivity, and a fresh perspective on shared human existence and the individual struggles therein. This introspective stillness could act as a compass, guiding you beyond emotions and confusion. We must first connect with ourselves before we attempt to resolve external conflicts. I trust that my advice will provide some comfort. Please reach out if you need further assistance.


Pablo Neruda.


B. The different portrayals of women in the texts 'Aunt Jennifer's Tigers', 'Going Places', 'Lost Spring', and 'My Mother at Sixty-six' , offer insights into the experiences of women in society. 

You have been asked to address your peers and share- 

→ the ways these portrayals highlight the diversity of the female experience. 

→ the importance of understanding each individual woman's challenges and experiences.

Compose this draft, with reference to any three of these prescribed texts. listed above.

You may begin this way:

Good morning, everyone. 
As I analysed the allotted texts...

You may end this way.

To conclude, I’d like to say that ...

Good morning, everyone. An analysis of the given texts clearly highlights varied portrayals of women in society. Each woman encompasses a unique experience that offers insight into the lives of women and their struggle against societal constraints.

Let's look at Aunt Jennifer from 'Aunt Jennifer's Tigers' first. She is portrayed as a victim of patriarchal norms, restricted by the norms and expectations of society. Yet, she imbues her artwork with the strength and independence feasible only in her imagination but unattainable in reality.

Moving on, we meet an ambitious and motivated Sophie in 'Going Places'. Her dreams highlight her refusal to conform to societal and gender-related limitations. In stark contrast is her mother who despite a harsh life, maintains her duties in ardent servitude, succumbing to societal expectations.

The portrayal of women in 'Lost Spring' is widely different; in adversity, they exhibit resilience. We meet women, bound by their caste, yet persisting to survive and make their circumstances work, however bleak they may be. The vulnerability of Kamala Das’ mother, in 'My Mother at Sixty-Six', bears similarities of acceptance just like the women in 'Lost Spring', however, her vulnerability seems to stem from a place of informed resignation as compared to poverty-induced resignation experienced by the geriatric in 'Lost Spring'.

Each portrayal offers lessons in resilience, acceptance, ambition, vulnerability, and strength. They highlight the need for empathy, respect, and equitable treatment for all women, irrespective of their individual experiences or societal status.

13. Answer ANY ONE of the following two questions, in about 120-150 words.

A. In the story, ‘The Third Level’ by Jack Finney, Charley is obsessed with finding the third level. 

In an attempt to thrash out whether this obsession is a good quality or a harmful one, Charley’s wife expresses her thoughts in a diary entry. 

As Louisa, Charley’s wife, write this diary entry.  Support your response with reference to the story.

You may begin this way:

I have been married to Charley for a few years now and I have always known him to be an intelligent man with an imaginative mind. However, his recent obsession with finding the Third Level has …

Dear Diary,

I have been married to Charley for a few years now and I have always known him to be an intelligent man with an imaginative mind. However, his recent obsession with finding the Third Level has left me concerned. It started off as a simple curiosity, but it has now consumed his thoughts and actions.

Charley spends hours at the Grand Central Station, trying to find this elusive third level. He has even consulted a psychiatrist to help understand his obsession. While the psychiatrist claims it is a form of escapism from the insecurities of the modern world, I can't help but worry about the impact it is having on Charley's mental state.

His determination to find the third level has led him to purchase old-style currency and search for hidden corridors in the station. He is willing to risk everything, including our financial stability, just to fulfill this obsession. It feels as though he is losing touch with reality.

I understand the desire to escape from the pressures of everyday life, but I fear that Charley is becoming consumed by this fantasy. I hope that he realises the potential harm this obsession may bring and finds a healthier outlet for his imagination.


B. A grown up Zitkala-Sa, reflects on the incident about cutting of her long hair and  is conflicted that she did not do enough to resist and surrendered easily. She also wonders if she could have tried something else to prevent the incident.  

As the grown-up Zitkala-Sa, create a diary entry , expressing these thoughts and conclude by absolving yourself of any blame.

You may begin like this:

I find myself reflecting on an event that happened many years ago… (Memories of Childhood)

Dear Diary,

I find myself reflecting on an event from my childhood, the day when my long hair was forcibly cut. As a grown-up, I question if I could have done more to resist and prevent this incident. Could I have found the courage to escape, to rally against the injustice? These thoughts weigh heavily on my mind, filled with a sense of regret. However, upon deeper reflection, I realise that I cannot shoulder the blame alone. I was just a young girl, thrust into a world that did not understand or appreciate my heritage. I absolve myself of any blame, for I was a victim of circumstances beyond my control. Instead, I choose to focus on my strength and resilience, using my voice to fight against oppression and advocate for marginalised communities. I forgive myself and vow to create a better future, where no child has to endure the pain of losing their identity.


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